Top Rated Tourist Attractions of Winnipeg - Canadian Museum of Humanrights - ClickMaple

Top Rated Tourist Attractions of Winnipeg

“Gateway to the west”, as it is known, Winnipeg is the ultimate destination for anyone wanting to have a chill getaway consisting of interesting performing arts and intriguing cultural scene….

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Banff National Park - Click Maple

Jaw-Dropping Hikes in Banff National Park

The Banff National Park is one of the oldest national parks of Canada. Established in 1885, it is cradled in the Rocky Mountains. It is about 110-180 kilometers west of…

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Saint Johns, New Foundland and Labrador - Click Maple

Best Things to do in Newfoundland and Labrador

Thinking about where to travel to Canada? Wondering about a trip to explore Canada or which places to travel in Canada? Look no further! Newfoundland and Labrador is the best…

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Vanco Farms - Prince Edward Island

A Detailed Guide to Explore Prince Edward Island

The smallest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island has been famous for both its aesthetic beauty and historical significance. With a variant of inhabitants consisting Scottish, Irish, English and French,…

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Niagara Falls - Canada - ClickMaple

Top 10 Places To Visit in Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world with so many options for travelers from the East Coast to the West Coast. In our following list of top 10 places…

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Peggy's Cove - Nova Scotia

Top Places To Visit in Nova Scotia

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the second smallest province of Canada, Nova Scotia, provides an attractive bay area. The continental climate is moderated by the maritime weather and poses as…

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Stanley Park - Vancouver - Click Maple

Best Things To Do in Vancouver

Vancouver, situated in Western Canada, is the best place to start with, as one can get the experience of both worlds in this city. Be it the city life or…

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