Top Tourist Attractions in Alberta

Are you looking for a peaceful trip where you can unwind amidst nature? Then Alberta is a place you should definitely visit. Alberta is a beautiful province surrounded by nature. With it’s amazing lakes, mountains and other sceneries this place could be one of your most memorable trips of all time. This is a province in Western Canada.

The diversity of nature in Alberta will leave you shocked. From the Canadian Rocky Mountains that are snow-laden for the most part of the year, to over 600 lakes and vast coniferous forests. Alberta also has desert badlands. This place has so much to experience that it will keep you engaged for days. This gorgeous place has one of the most beautiful scenic views in the world and if you just want to spend some quality time with your family away from the daily hassles and urban city crowd then Alberta should be on the top of your checklists for places to visit.

Historical Context

The first inhabitants of this beautiful province were the Native American or the Paleo-Indians that arrived 10,000 years ago. They have been recorded to move to here towards the end of the last ice age. The Britishers included almost half of Alberta as a part of Rupert’s Land when they arrived. The first European explorer to arrive was Peter Ford. The European explorers arrived around the 1700’s due to the expansion of their fur trade to Northern America.

Two major companies for fur trade were formed which were the Hudson Bay Company and the North West Company. These companies were competing aggressively against each other and were also extremely hostile towards one another. This led to many battles and wars between the two and the British forced them to merge in 1821. These newly merged companies operated till the 1870 until the Canadian Government purchased the entire Rupert’s Land from the British.

After the 1870’s the population of this beautiful province started to increase. Alberta was finally created in 1882 as a part of the North- West Territories. During the World War one a huge amount of Alberta’s population volunteered for the war and thus the economy and growth significantly reduced. However after the World War people started migrating to the province of Alberta and there was soon growth of the province once again.

Geography and Climate

Alberta has a very diverse geography, it has Canadian Rocky Mountains, to over 600 lakes , vast coniferous trees and desert badlands. It is the fourth largest province in Canada. Alberta has an abundant water resource with the presence of so many lakes but the three of the biggest lakes found here are Lake Claire which is 554 square miles long, Lesser Slave Lake which is 451 square miles long and finally the Lake Athabasca which is almost 3049 square miles long. The longest river in Alberta is river Athabasca which travels a distance of almost 956 miles. These water bodies are very frequently used for recreational purposes like swimming, fishing and also for many water sports.

The northern half of the entire province is a Boreal forest which are those kinds of forests which grow in extreme frigid conditions but are still full of life. These forests are full of deciduous trees and conifers. The southwestern part of the province has Canadian Rocky Mountains which are snow laden for all around the year. Mount Columbia is the highest point in these mountains at a height of 12,294 feet. Alberta also has the Caribou Mountains and the Cypress hills. The Alberta badlands are located on the south eastern part of the province, desert fauna thrives in this places. It is known that dinosaurs used to roam the badlands before they became extinct.

Since Alberta has such high amounts of natural diversity and such a large amount of landmass that the climate changes from place to place but is also more or less the same. Alberta is known to have a humid continental climate which is characterized by having cold winters and warm summers. During the winters the province is subjected to the cold arctic weather systems which makes the winters here extremely cold and chilly. However Alberta receives the most amount of sunshine as compared to any other province in Canada.

The average temperature during the winter months can range from -5°C to -15°C. However the mean extreme temperature in Northern Alberta is -54°C and Southern Alberta is -46°C. The summers are much bearable here with the average temperature during the summer months ranging from 20°C to 25 °C. The temperature in the Northern Valley during summer is 21°C as compared to the dry prairie in the south which is 28°C. Alberta is also known to have the most amount of occurrence of tornadoes with an average of 15 every year. Alberta also has a very high frequency of hails storms and thunderstorms in some specific regions.

Flora and Fauna

Alberta’s rich natural diversity causes it to have a very rich flora and fauna. This beautiful province has over six hundred lakes and many rivers. Lake Claire, Lake Lesser Slave and Lake Athabasca are one of the largest lake in this province. Alberta has four climatic regions due to its large size they are Alpine and Coniferous Forests in the Rocky Mountain Ranges, towards the norther part of the province, Boreal forests which take up almost 58% of Alberta and Prairie.

It also has desert Badlands. All these differences contribute to a variety of species of animals and plants to be found here. The most commonly seen animals in Alberta are the Bison, Mule Deer, Elk and the white-tailed deer. Alberta is home to many carnivorous animals like the grizzly bear, coyotes and the wolves. The Rocky Mountains offers amazing treks and the lakes have many recreational activities. One can also take a nature trail in the various forests in Alberta. Alberta’s mountain forests and the Boreal forests are one of the most visited forests by the tourists.

Best Attractions in Alberta

Having a rich natural diversity, Alberta has hundreds of activities that the tourists can indulge in during their stay. These activities are bound to keep you engaged and offer you one of the most memorable time of your life. The scenic beauty of this place is amazing and the sights you visit and see will keep you mesmerized for days. I will be listing down the best attractions in Alberta that you should definitely visit during your stay in this beautiful province.

Banff Town

Banff is a beautiful town in the northern part of this beautiful province of Alberta. It is located inside the Banff National Park which was the first ever national park of Canada. It also has a part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The two peaks from the Rocky Mountain ranges that can be found here are the Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade. Banff is a resort town and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. It is known for it’s magnificent and beautiful mountain ranges and it’s numerous hot springs that the tourists can take a relaxing dip in. If you re into outdoor activities then this place is the best for you, loaded with hundreds of outdoor activities this is a famous place for adventurists and sport enthusiasts. It features extensive hiking, biking and skiing destinations for you and your family.

The Bow River is amongst the most popular tourists site in this resort town. You will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of this place. Banff is also known for the Northern Lights which can be seen from this town. This town also has a railway station which makes it very convenient to travel. The Banff Avenue which is the main places of the town you can indulge in delicious food at it’s many restaurants and you can also buy some gifts for your loved ones from the souvenir shop. One of the most popular animals that can easily be spotted in this forests are the elk and the Grizzly bear.


Calgary is a beautiful city in Alberta which has numerous beautiful sky scrapers. The growth of the city is due to it being the centre of the oil industry in Canada. The Calgary tower is an observation tower, right in the middle of the city. It is about 190 meters high. It was originally called the Husky tower. The best feature of this tower is that it contains a restaurant at the top which offers spectacular view of the city to it’s customers while rotating. It completes a single rotation in about sixty minutes.

One of the other things that you can do in this city is visit the Calgary zoo which is located in Bridgeland. It is known to be on of Canada’s top destination and has over a hundred species of plants and animals. It is known to have some very exotic and rare species of animals like the Vancouver Island Marmot Pups which are endangered. It has almost 29 species of animals that are facing the danger of extinction. It also have lions and giant pandas. It keeps various activities throughout the day to keep you and your family engaged. This is the best place for your kids to learn and have fun at the same time. This is known to be Canada’s most visited zoo and it recently received an award for being one of the top zoos in the world that is doing conservative research. You can also visit the Glenbow Museum, which is an art and history museum in Calgary. It is a very huge research centre and one of the largest non-governmental repositories. It’s art collection is very well known and this museum has over thirty three thousand works right from the 19th century to the present era. The library at this museum contains over a hundred thousand books. It has many interesting things to see and a lot more to learn. Lastly just to relax and unwind with your family and spend some quality family time you can visit the Prince’s Island park which is an urban park in this city. The park is made on an island on the Bow River.

Jasper National Park Of Canada

The Jasper National Park is located in the Northern part of the province of Alberta. It is present in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranges. It has an abundance of lakes, glaciers and rivers, waterfalls and springs. It is known to be the largest national park in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranges, spanning across four thousand square miles. The most common wildlife that can be seen in this beautiful and magnificent park are the elk, moose, porcupine, beaver and wolverine among a few.

In 1984, the Jasper National Park was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the most popular attractions at this park are the Pyramid Lake and the mountain, the medicine lake and the Athabasca falls. The park offers many outdoor recreational activities like wildlife viewing, hiking, fishing, water rafting. The Miette Hot Springs are also among the most popular destinations at this park.

Alberta has many other beautiful sites and places to visit where you can truly enjoy being indulged with nature. Some of them are Moraine Lake, Fairmont Banff Springs, Maligne Lake. So make sure to check these out too!

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