Top Rated Ski Resorts in Canada

In our article, Top Rated Ski Resorts in Canada – we are going to discuss the top ski destinations across Canada – which are worth visiting. Covering a land area of a whopping 9.98M Square Kilometres of the North American Continent, it is no wonder that the landscape and geography of Canada, the World’s second-largest country, is as diverse and dynamic as it is. Right from sparkling stretches of Coastline with gorgeous beaches and majestic, snow-capped mountains, to culturally rich Cities and Islands, Canada offers a wide range of activities associated with said diverse geography.

This variety in experience that the country offers also guarantees to satisfy the vacation wants and needs of anyone that visits, be it people looking for outdoorsy activities or those who seek to learn more about the History and culture of the land. In this article, we concentrate more on the Great Outdoors and the booming Ski Resorts of Canada which contribute to a huge portion of tourism appeal that the country possesses. 

Taking into consideration Canada’s proximity to the North Pole and generally cold climate of the Northwestern Provinces, the winter sports sector of Canada is a thriving industry and the country is also said to have some of the best Ski Resorts and most ski friendly slopes in the whole world. Ski aficionados from all over the world can find the best ski resorts mainly in the regions of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec for cross-country or alpine skiing. Not to leave out the non-skiers, these world-class resorts offer something for everyone that chooses to visit. For those who are planning to vacation in the mountains, here is a list of some of Canada’s most beautiful Ski Resorts:

1.Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

The Whistler and Blackcomb mountains of British Columbia are part of the Coast Mountains of Canada and together, with meters of snow. The sheer vastness of the area covered by the two mountains which comes under the jurisdiction of Vail Resorts makes it the Top Ski Resort in all of North America. It comprises multiple terrain parks, picturesque Alpine bowls, ski runs, glades, Blue Cruisers and Glaciers which provide an amazing year-round ski facility for locals as well as tourists who visit the area. 

The ski slopes of this 2010 Winter Olympics host site can be accessed through Whistler village which is nestled in the foothills of the two mountains, Whistler Creekside and the Upper Village belonging predominantly to blackcomb. The best part about this resort is that the 8000 acres of land provides terrain suitable for skiers of all levels ranging from Whistler Bowl for experts to the Peak to Creek which is a run suitable for intermediates as well. 

Among the tourists who make the two-hour drive up from Vancouver, we also find non-skiers who can find a multitude of activities for themselves like the Peak 2 Peak Gondola which is a 3 km unsupported lift which provides spectacular views of the snowy wonderland. Other activities include ski lessons for kids, dog sledding, zip treks through the snow and visiting the quaint village of Whistler where one can find trendy pubs, eateries, and shops to entertain themselves. 

2.Big White Ski Resort, British Columbia

This ski Resort found in the heart of the province of British Columbia is another one of Canada’s very well known skiing destinations. With over 2,700 acres of terrain, this resort is typically well suited for beginners and intermediates owing to its amazing powder days and well groomed, rolling pistes. This world Class facility offers a few expert slopes as well with an amazing Terrain park and a ski village built for the purpose of catering to the region’s skiing needs. Snowboarders frequent this resort as well to try out some of its terrain. Along with its amazing Ski-in Ski-out accommodation facilities and easy to get around layout, the resort is considered extremely family friendly. 

For those who do not wish to ski, the small ski village also offers idyllic restaurants and bars like the Moose Lounge as well as facilities like Big White’s Tot Town DayCare where tourists can deposit their kids while they go exploring all that this ski resort has to offer. Also, as mentioned earlier, snowboarding is an option as well.

3.Sun Peaks Ski Resort, British Columbia

This one of the lesser known ski resorts even among native Canadians which makes it a perfect spot for skiers that prefer non-crowded areas. Its overall area is spread out over three mountains and this makes it the second largest ski resort in Canada. With its ski friendly, abundant powder snow, tree skiing runs and steeps, Sun Peaks is also known to be suitable for beginner and intermediate level skiers along with plenty of steeps, bowls and Powder runs for expert skiers as well. It is also family friendly given that the resort provides ski-in ski-out accommodation and is easy to traverse. The small village at the base of the three mountains, Tod, Morissey and Sundance offers good restaurants like Cahilty’s and also offers world class lodging facilities for those who wish to stay over. 

Non-skiers can take part in activities such as guided mountain trail tours, snowboarding and snowmobiling while kids can take ski lessons, go dog sledding and spend time on the bungee trampoline and can go snowshoeing. People generally commute between Kamloops and here, the travel time being around an hour. 

4.Lake Louise Ski Resort, Banff, Alberta

 This Ski resort sits in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and has a lot more than just skiing to offer to the tourists who visit. Located just about an hour away from the Canadian town of Banff, Lake Louise Ski Resort is the largest of three resorts that comprise the “tri-Area” resorts which also include Sunshine Village Resort and Mt. Norquay. This resort also boasts long stretches of groomed steeps and runs that are designed to cater to all levels of skiers ranging from beginners to experts throughout the year. 

As for the terrain, Lake Louise ski area comprises the slopes of Mt. Whitehorn and Powder bowls that are best suited for experts due to their challenging nature. The resort also offers tree runs owing to most of the terrain being forested. Lake Louise also houses one of the largest Terrain Parks in the North American Continent. Beginners can begin at the gentle pistes at the base of the base area which is also where children’s ski lessons take place. 

Non-skiers can go snowshoeing and go on treks in the surrounding landscape to avail mesmerising views of one of Canada’s most picturesque lakes. Banff, being a resort town provides tourists with amazing restaurants and spa facilities and kids usually visit the skating rink or take part in activities like snowshoeing and tobogganing.

 The resort does not offer on site overnight lodging facilities but those who plan multi day ski trips usually find lodging in the town of Banff and visit Sunshine Village as well.

5.Red Mountain Ski Resort, British Columbia

This charming Ski Resort in British Columbia is home to some of the more challenging terrains characterized by steep slopes, Tree skiing and cliff drops. One of the more underrated ski resorts of Canada in comparison to the ones mentioned above, Red Mountain is uncrowded and is favoured by natives and tourists who prefer slopes that are free of people. With reasonably large terrain which expanded to include upto 4200 acres of land in 2013-2014, the Village offers mostly expert trails such as double Black Diamonds and great powder days though the expansion included intermediate trails on the resort’s main Mountain-Granite mountain as well.

These trails on Granite Mountain also offer soft slopes that glide among pine trees that are spread out over the mountain’s terrain and form the famous 5k Green Run that circles around the mountain back towards the base while also providing skiers with breathtaking views of The Columbia River Valley. Another factor that draws skiers here is the town of Rossland which is extremely idyllic.

Non-skiers mostly visit the old gold-mining town of Rossland and the restaurants and bars to warm up in the snow. 

6.Mount Tremblant, Quebec

Mount Tremblant, also known as Mont Tremblant is one of Canada’s top Ski Resorts in the province of Quebec. Located just about an hour and a half away from Montreal and Ottawa, it provides some of the best slopes and runs on Canada’s Eastern side. Housed in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, this ski resort comprises over 665 acres of terrain and is most well known for the idyllic village at the base. 

Most non-skiers visit this village Inspired by European French culture, much like other parts of Quebec, the village is quaintly Quebecois with low houses and clustered streets with no vehicles in sight. The village also offers trendy restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and luxury hotel accommodations as well as spa opportunities to tourists. 

The location of this Ski resort also makes it a convenient destination for European skiers from across the Atlantic Ocean. The terrain also consists of Double Black Diamonds and gentle slopes for experts and intermediates respectively. 

7.Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia

This resort which is in the heart of British Columbia is another one of Canada’s lesser-known ski resorts owing to its location in the mountains and the fact that it is relatively tougher to access. Most people visit Revelstoke via a chopper or a hike up the mountain to the resort. The terrain is excellent and offers a great mix of expert trails in the form of wide-open bowls, tree runs and off-pistes as well as a few blue runs for beginners. The resort offers reasonably priced options mostly aimed at seasoned skiers and intermediates. The trail also boasts one of the best facilities for Cat skiing and some of the best trails for tree skiing. 

    While the resort is not advisable for people that are looking for a luxurious place to stay as well as high end dining experiences, it is one of the best regions for skiers who wish to experience the whole spectrum of the sport.

Non skiers can spend their time at the restaurant with a pint of beer and it is also to be noted that this is a family-friendly destination.

8.Marmot Basin, Banff, Alberta

Part of the famous Jasper National Park in Alberta, The Marmot Basin is a premier skiing destination because of the amazing views and the opportunities to experience the sport, untamed and wild. Situated in the Rockies, this family-friendly resort offers some of the best terrains for Glade skiing. The landscape is not very vast but in this limited ski area, one can expect to find amazing facilities for tree skiing, open bowls for experts and gentle runs for beginners. A short hike up to the lift provides access to more bowls and groomed runs with amazing powder. Of all its trails, East Eagle which is steered and Charles Bowl are most favored by locals seasoned skiers. 

As far as accommodation is concerned, the nearby Banff Resorts with amazing restaurants and hotels are highly recommended. Most non-skiers usually prefer to warm up with a beer at the hotels in the town of Jasper.

9.Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario

The Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Ontario is one of the best Ski resorts this side of Canada. This resort offers its visitors a multitude of services that include luxury hotels, great restaurants and spas. The trail here is brilliant even though it may lack elevation. Located some two hours away from Toronto, Blue Mountain Ski Resort lies on the vast Niagara Escarpment and draws tourists from all over Canada throughout the year. The region gets most of its visitors during weekends and accommodation can be found in the many luxury hotels housed in the area. 

The Skiing area also offers night skiing on its many runs and three freestyle trails. It is renowned as one of the most popular Ski Resorts in Canada right after Whistler Blackcomb and Big White. 

10.Martock, Nova Scotia

Though not as famous or as well equipped as some of its counterparts in British Columbia or Alberta, this small ski resort which is located in Nova Scotia is nonetheless, a beautiful location that provides the ski lovers of the Maritime Provinces/ Atlantic Canada a skiing destination. It offers cross country skiing as well as a few trails for Alpine tree skiing. 

Non skiers can take part in snowboarding events as well as snowshoeing and skating while kids can avail facilities like ski Lessons in and around the area.

With such a diverse variety of trails offered in all the premier Skiing Resorts of Canada, it is advisable to conduct research into the kind of trails and runs each resort offers before deciding on which resort to visit on your next vacation, based on whether you are a skiing expert or a beginner. Do let us know which resort you would like to visit first. Happy skiing!

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