Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Calgary

The City of Calgary is located towards the West of Canada in the province of Alberta. In our article on Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Calgary, we will discuss about the top attractions in Calgary – which are a must visit for travelers. The people in Calgary call themselves Calgarian and the city has multiple waterways that are easily accessible. It is not the largest municipality in Canada; however, it does come in as the third-largest city in the whole of Canada. The total area of the city is divided into urban space and metropolitan space. It is an elevated city and it has a population density of about 1,500 people per square foot.


The presence of people in the areas of Calgary can be traced back to over 11,000 years. Some of the people even claim that it has seen inhabitants since biblical times. John Glenn was the first European settled who was documented in the area. Later, in the year 1875, it became a place for the North West Mounted Police. Soon, the Canadian Pacific Railway had made its way towards Calgary. In the year 1886, there was a fire that brought huge loss to the city. During the course of the fire, a sum of around fourteen buildings were burnt and destroyed. To prevent this from happening again, there was a new type of sandstone being used. This sandstone was called Paskapoo sandstone.

It was a great day when Calgary Petroleum Products and Co found oil in 1914. The city began to flourish and its economy began to grow. Through the years, however, there have been escalating oil prices and the economy of the city has always been in question whenever crisis occurs. Even as recent as 2013, the city saw a massive flooding and this resulted in the evacuation of over 75,000 people.


This city is located in a zone, known as the transition zone. The city of Calgary consists of a kind of terrain that is between the Canadian Prairies and the Canadian Foothills. It has 2 rivers flowing avidly through it and it has a couple of lakes and ponds too. It sits at an elevated level of around 3440 feet above sea level. Calgary is the point where the two of Canada’s most acclaimed rivers meet, the rivers by name are The Bow River and The Elbow River. The city is close to quite a few lakes and it comprises of a city within a colony of suburban communities. Conifers grow all around this region. There are unique plants, flora and fauna around the region as well.

Weather and Climate:

Calgary is seen as one of Canada’s most humid states. It sees cold winters, while the other seasons are fairly pleasant. It is known to have the greatest number of days will complete sunshine, in the entire Canadian state. The city does not see a prominent change in seasons and the seasonal markers are vague. The summer lasts till September and comes as early as the month of May. The temperatures rise up to a maximum of 30 degrees and range around 10 to 25 degrees throughout. While the summer can feel pleasant to extremely humid, the winters see temperatures as low as -30 degrees. There is an abundance of both rainfall and snowfall. Snow is seen during the month of March, primarily and rain comes to the arena during June.

Calgary, although not as huge as any of the other Canadian territories and provinces, has some of the top tourist attractions. Here is a list of the top tourist spots in Calgary. We have narrowed it down and this list is made concise for your easy access. Don’t miss out on the beauty and the architectural wonders of Calgary.

This is a collection of 11 top attractions you wouldn’t want to miss at Calgary:

Calgary Tower

This tower is an observation tower, it was completed in the year 1968. The building’s purpose was to celebrate Canada’s centennial. It was built by the Marathon Realty Company Limited and Husky Oil. At the time of its construction, it was the tallest standing building in the city. it consists of an observation deck and has newly added features as well. 60% of the building is underground due to its massive size. It offers a 360-degree view of Calgary and there is a theater room and a newly formed lighting schedule as well.


The TELUS Spark is a museum that features anatomical elements of animals. It is a portrayal of animals inside-out. It is also known to house the world’s largest functional Rubik’s cube. Along with a large number of animal specimens the museum also features and conducts multiple events and workshops. It has a dome theater within its premises. It is a museum you shouldn’t miss, if you’re a lover of zoology.

Fort Calgary

This fort in Calgary is kept intact by the Fort Calgary Preservation Society. It is a place where settlements began, it holds indigenous cultural and historical evidence. The fort is also equipped with a story that is more than complex. The society that runs the fort enhances, preserves and helps promote the importance, beauty and significance of this marvelous fort. There is a museum within the fort to help visitors trace back history and understand better what took place at the site.

Devonian Gardens

The Devonian gardens consists of multiple kinds of trees and plants, it is filled with ponds and there is a playground for children. It is the perfect spot to spend a Sunday with your family because the Devonian gardens has something for everyone. With the addition of a facility to stay and the incorporation of a family room, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway.
Peace Bridge

The bridge runs across the Bow river and is made completely out of steel. It has a pedestrian walkway and a bike path. The bridge’s construction began in the year 2010 and was completed by 2012. Hence, it is fairly new. It was designed to ease traffic and help the pedestrians who commute to work every day. It is a beautifully constructed bridge and a bike ride on it will surely make your day.

Glenmore Reservoir

One of Canada’s largest man-made reservoir, on the Elbow River, is the Glenmore Reservoir. Most of the city’s drinking water is sourced from this reservoir. The Glenmore Dam seems to hold back the Reservoir. The dam that this reservoir stands on is known as a gravity dam. It uses the concept of gravity to resist pressure etc.

Lougheed House

The Lougheed House is seen as a source of history or a historical museum. It was built in the year 1891. This site has been the residence of a family and has also served as a training centre for women, it also featured as a blood donor clinic. It was abandoned shortly after and came back into the spotlight in the year 2000, after it was completely restored.

Sikome Lake

This is Calgary’s very own man-made lake within the Fish Creek Provincial Park. it stands within the Bow River basin. It was initially opened during the summer of 1978. A part of the lake is opened during summertime for the purpose of swimming and it is a lot like a beach. It sees around 20,000 swimmers on a daily basis during that time of the year. The clear waters are a feature of their amazing purification systems. In winter, the beach and swimming area is transformed into a skating rink.

Wonderland Sculpture

The wonderland sculpture is also known as The Bow. Wonderland Sculture is a tallelt office building in the whole of Calgary, and it is the headquarters of the Encana Corporation. It is ranked as one of the top ten buildings with architectural excellence in Canada. It has 58 floors and it was completed in the year 2012.

Scotsman’s Hill

The hill was initially known as Frazer hill. The first people who settled in this region were Louis Roselle and Angelique, his wife. Construction of stables and settlements and cottages took place soon after that. It is also known to offer the most spectacular view of Calgary. On the night of the Stampede Grandstand Show, the fireworks are best visible from this beautiful hill.

Nose Hill Park

This is an environmental park that spans an area of around 11 square kilometers. It is run by the province. It saw its beginning in 1980. Animals like deer, coyote etc. can sustain themselves within this park. The park is filled with remarkable and has within it multiple archaeological sites and different types of terrain.

While everyone is keen on visiting the conventional top tourist places, it is essential to see all the sides of a city, town or province. Here is a list of 7 unconventional tourist spots or things you must do in Calgary.


If you’re a student or if you are someone who loves to collect stationery then Reid’s is your heaven for sure! The store consists of a variety of pens, fountain pens and a range of stationery. If you’re at Calgary, you have to step into Reid’s. They have cards for every season and party equipment that will come handy anyday!

The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn is a Danish Canadian restaurant and club. They serve special lunches and dinners every day. There also exists a Saturday evening special. Wines are available at half price on Tuesdays and the restaurant serves an elaborate buffet as well. The Inn has always been fairly popular and a drink and a delicacy at the Mermaid Inn can make anyone feel merry.

Pterosaur Jaw Bone

The University of Alberta holds within it a fossil, it is known as the unidentified fossil oddity. It was recently found to be the first pterosaur’s jawbone. After years of studying the fossil, paleontologists came to a conclusion that it was of British Columbian origin. This lead to further research and the fossil is protected and put up for exhibition within the premises of the University. If archaeology and ancient zoology is your forte, here is something you don’t want to miss! Or if you’re just curious about the animals of gold, this opportunity for you, is gold!

1886 Buffalo Cafe

The Buffalo Cafe prepares the best homemade breakfast in all of Calgary. It is a family run establishment located in a century old building. In the lower level of the cafe, there stands a photo museum depicting the growth and evolution of Calgary and the Canadian locality.

National Music Centre

This music centre is branded Studio Bell. It is a non-profit centre for music. There is a performance area located within it too. The construction of this centre started in the year 2013, it was completed by 2016 at a whooping cost of $191 million, it has 5 floors and an immense amount of history to go with it. It holds one of the world’s largest pipe organs and other rare instruments. It can hold around 5600 people in total estimation.

Lunch at the Kensington Village

The Kensington Village – otherwise known as Calgary’s Urban Town is lively, active and somewhere you must spend an afternoon. Kensington has Calgary’s only bar, that is outdoors with an alleyway and a patio. It is an absolute delight and is called the Container Bar. With more than 250 restaurants, shops and a range of other wondrous facilities and services Calgary’s Kensington is sure to blow your mind. The huge number of cuisines and the various types of ambience will leave you spoilt for choice!

Take a DIY craft beer tour

Select yourself a DIY craft beer tour and walk yourself through the breweries in Calgary. This amazing barley beverage has taken various forms and sizes in this province. Some of the beers you must try are the Barley Belt beer and all the beers brewed at the Branded Park Brewing and the Village Brewery. Calgary’s beer tour is any beer lover’s dream come true.

Calgary, all in all, is a land of absolute wonder. From tall towers to jawbones from the age of dinosaurs, to the food on the streets and the beers and the bars you’ll see and come to face. The history is vast and yet is seems so beautifully contemporary! Explore Calgary…look beyond what you see! For the little villages have much to offer, if only we would look in the right places.

Did we get everything right? If we missed out on your favorite spot in Calgary mention it in the comments below, otherwise don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our page! Our list was made to cover all ages, the old, the young and the section who are to families strung! Enjoy your trip to Calgary! Happy Traveling! Until next time, may your maple syrup always be sweet and may you always have enough of it!

What should I see in Calgary?

Some of the places to visit in Calgary are the Calgary tower, the TELUS spark, Fort Calgary, the Devonian Gardens, the Peace bridge, the Glenmore reservoir and many other fantastic architectural and historical buildings and creations.

What is Calgary known for?

Calgary is one of the most ultra-urban cities in Canada. It is known for various attractions ranging from gardens to museums and even forts and bridges. There are a large range of mountains close to the city and it is beautiful.

What can you do in Calgary for free?

You can take a DIY beer tour or a historical tour. There are about 70 city parks with about 8,000 hectares of greenery, with diverse flora and fauna. There is also an option of taking walking tours arounds the city, these tours happen no matter the weather.

Is Calgary a nice place to visit? Is Calgary a safe city?

Calgary can be a tourist’s paradise if the trip you plan to take is planned ahead of your visit. It is a relatively safe city, with low crime rates and is extremely safe during the daylight hours. However, like most places Calgary has a few unsafe spots as well. The east part of downtown is considered unpleasant after dark and everyone is advised to exercise caution in those areas.

What is the best time to visit Calgary?

It is advisable to plan a holiday to Calgary before the biting cold winter hits the city. may to September is ideal. The spring brings with it beautiful floral blooms and greenery, while the winter is unpredictable and can be rather unpleasant.

How far is Banff from Calgary?

The distance is around 225 kms and it is about an hour and a half away by road. It takes 3 hours to reach the destination by train.

How many months does it snow in Calgary?

Calgary sees around 11 months of snow, it ranging from extremely cold to moderately cold through some of the months.

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