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In our article on “Top-Rated Tourist Attractions of Canada”, we will discuss the top attractions of the world’s second-largest country. Canada is located in the Northern part of America, and it is a land of beauty and exquisiteness. It comprises of 3 different territories and 10 provinces. The state stretches from the Atlantic Ocean, crosses the pacific and reaches the Arctic Ocean up north. It stands as the World’s second-largest country, bordered with the United States of America. It holds within itself three of the biggest metropolitan areas, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Due to the climate, Canada faces it is scarcely populated and has more forests and wetlands than it has people.

Over the past years, the state has been colonized by various powers. The British and French, and further the Americans. This has led to a diverse population and a collection of various languages being spoken. There are cities and provinces that depict British culture, these cities co-exist with towns that speak French and have American accents. Canada has a parliamentary democracy as well as a constitutional monarchy governing it. It is amicably bilingual and its government is known for its high levels of transparency.


The explorers of the West found Canada and along with it the native people whom they called Indians. These people were the Hurons and some of them were also part of the Iroquois. Their prime occupation was hunting and gathering. Some of them practiced agriculture and farming. A huge range of them was Nomadic. War was nothing new to these people because they fought among themselves for land, resources or honor during their lifespans.

When the Europeans made their entrance there was a large amount of death and the Aboriginal people saw a major fall in their population. Religion made its entrance and disrupted the ancient traditions of the people. The first Europeans to arrive and colonize the people of Canada were the Vikings. John Cabot, a prominent figure, a man who immigrated from Italy to make his name in England, charted a map of the Atlantic shore of Canada. It was called “New Found Land” and it was claimed as an English settlement. The roots of the word ‘Canada’ lie in the Iroquoian language. It stems from the word “Kanata”. This word means a small town or village.

In the meanwhile, the French began engaging in massive fur trade with the Aboriginal people and hence, they had begun slowly but surely occupying Canadian territory. This led to a major battle for the Canadian state between the two rival powers, France and Britain. As time passed, the occupants saw it fit to give the provinces a certain level of independence and freedom. It was then made a sort of democracy, starting with New Brunswick, reaching Quebec and then the other territories and places too. It was categorized, divided and borders, state and town boundaries were drawn for easier administration.

Canada, as it stands today, is a culmination of various cultures, traditions and temporary occupation of different kinds of people.


A Mari Usque Ad Mare

Canada’s National Motto

Canada’s landmass makes it the second-largest country on the face of the planet. The only country to out beat Canada is Russia – when it comes to the size. However, it is hardly as populated as any other country. Towards the South, Canada is bordering the United States of America. Canada is popularly known for its exquisite natural wonders such as Niagara Falls, Canadian Rockies, Canadian Prairies, Cabot Trail among other popular destinations. The nation’s motto “A Mari Usque Ad Mare” is an accurate representation of the immense, vast amount of land the country spans across. The country can roughly be looked at as British Columbia, the Prairies, Central Canada, Atlantic Canada and Northern Canada. There is a variety of different kinds of flora and fauna, weather and a sense of culture present throughout the country.

Weather and Climate:

Canada’s climate is often termed as difficult. The winters are undeniably cold and can reach up to minus forty degrees in some parts of the country. The winter is experienced during the months of December and March. Canada has four seasons – making it attractive to tourists to visit all year round. Autumn is mild and beautiful spanning from September to December. The spring is one of the loveliest seasons, the variety of flora and fauna makes it all the more beautiful. Flowers, fruit and freshly blooming trees and plants are an active part of this season.

Fresh blooms are seen during the months of March, April, May and June. The climate and the weather in Canada are assumed to be cold, all year round. This is a stereotypical assumption that enrages native Canadians for the country sees the most beautiful seasonal changes and they believe it is unfairly judged, merely based on the winters it experiences.
Canada is vast, it has extremely beautiful relics from the past. Here are 9 must-see places in Canada. Their tourist attractions are many, the people are warm and all in all the experience is swell.

Top Attractions in Canada:

Canadian Museum of Nature

This museum stands tall in Ottawa. The museum is officially called the Victoria Memorial Museum Building. The construction of this marvelous museum began in 1905, it was completed in 1912. It was previously called the Museum of Natural Sciences, the name, however, has currently evolved into “The Museum of Nature”. It has 4 main collections and all four of them were started by the Geological Survey of Canada. They have a variety of about 14.6 million different specimens ranging from Botany to Mineralogy, and collectively featuring Palaeontology and Zoology. It is not just a brilliant museum; it is also an architectural wonder. It is commonly called the ‘castle’ and it was the estate of a man of Scottish birth, by the name, William Stewart.

Small Pony Barrel Works

One of the most highly regarded breweries in the province pf Ontario, Small Pony Barrel Works is a beer lover’s paradise. The brewery consists of a variety of different beers. Each of these are brewed in a way that is different and unique from the others. They are famous for their Sour Beer. The beer present at this brewery is aged in barrels and some of the varieties consist of fruit too. It is known to entice anyone who takes a sip of it. It has a tasting room; this enables visitors to test and taste their magnanimous variety of beer and savour on their palettes this absolute finesse. There area changing collection of beers on the tasting taps. They also serve bottles that are available for on the go purchase. New varieties pop in now and then too.

Hog’s Back Falls

This series of artificial waterfalls on the gorgeous Rideau River has an original name that it is rarely referred to as. It is officially called the Prince of Wales Falls. It got its common name shortly before the canal was constructed. A channel runs on the eastern banks of the Rideau River. The water flows through this channel, it was dug during the building period of the complex. From that day on the Hog’s Back Falls were created. The beauty of the falls is widely spoken of and it is something that everyone must experience in a lifetime.

Canadian Tulip Festival

Ottawa, Ontario is filled with color during the month of May, all thanks to the Festival Canadien des Tulipes. An exhibition of a great number of tulips is seen at the festival. This wide variety of floral displays is settled along the banks of the Dow’s Lake and is seen at the Commissioner’s Park as well. The celebration of the festival is not merely a celebration of natural and Canada’s abundance of it, it is a culinary, heritage and a celebration of authentic art, all at once. It takes place every year 2 weeks leading through Victoria Day. It has been happening since the year 1953 and no true Canadian will ever dream of missing it.

Winterlude, Ottawa

The Winterlude is one of Canada’s iconic festivals, it celebrates the snow, the ice and the biting cold. An international ice carving competition is held and people from all over the world gather to participate and skate on the popular Rideau Canal skate way. This skate way is a UNESCO world heritage site spanning 7.8 km. It also features a Winterlude Triathalon and An Ice Dragon Boat Festival. While many complain of the horrible winters the true Canadians, use the snow as a source of their joy. Skiing and Snowboarding lessons are easily accessible and comfort food is within reach. The Winterlude takes place from the end of the month of January to the end of the month of February, giving everyone a reason to appreciate the cold. Along with the festival, multiple parades, marches, and walks for various causes are organized.

Red Rock Coulee

The Red Rock Coulee is a park set in Orion, a province in Canada. This is a natural area that spans across 800.96 acres. It is a grassland consisting of mixed grass and dry grass. large red stone boulders have come apart from the bedrock present at the site. It holds within its soil a great range of nutrients and hence is able to cultivate vegetation and plants such as gumbo, juniper, broomweed etc, among others. This park is termed as a part of Canadian Wilderness Areas. The Ecological Reserves are a pleasant space to spend an evening or have a picnic. More than anything, they are known for their profound sense of serenity. Something most parks and natural areas lack. The huge rocks in the middle of the extravagant prairies are a sight for any nature lover’s eyes.

Rawson Lake

The way up to the Rawson lake is a hike and this hiking trail is filled with subalpine forest trees. The trial is known as the Upper Lake Trail. The view consists of peaks, meadows and nature’s finest beauty. The lake in itself is sufficient to satisfy a traveler’s craving for natural beauty. The trail is 3.9 km one way and is elevated at 1,050 feet. It has moderate traffic and is extremely safe. This trail happens in the Kananaskis Country. The lake is backdropped and the spray lakes are always teamed with an excellent view.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

This park is another one of Canada’s UNESCO world heritage sites. It is a 2-and-a-half-hour drive from Calgary and is located near Brooks, Alberta. This park was founded in the year 1955. The park has about 500 different species of life exhibited for all to see. Dinosaur fossils are among them and fossils have been sent around the world from this park. It was made a heritage site in the year 1979. It has a fair share of visitors and is extremely educational with regard to biology and evolution.

West Edmonton Mall

The West Edmonton Mall is the largest mall in the whole of North America. It is an ideal place to window shop and it is the most visited mall in Canada. The mall has facilities for accommodation and there are multiple workshops and other ways to spend time there.

The top attractions of Canada are many, but only a very few of them are awe-striking and have a special place in the hearts of the people. While there is a lavish amount of flora and fauna, one must know the right places to access it and enjoy it. From mountains to lakes and from hikes and trails to parks and natural reserves, the Canadian State has it all. With its beautiful weather and constant celebration of the change in the festival, you’ll be visiting again in no time. These are the places we found interesting. Are there places you found interesting and did these places not make the list?

Make sure to comment in the space below and we will make sure to add it to our list of Canadian tourist attractions. Did we not mention your favorite place? Hit us up and tell us what it is and why it is your favorite place! Until next time, Happy Travelling! And may you always find the purest, sweetest maple syrup as you busy yourself touring Canada.

What are some of the tourist attractions in Canada?

Canada is famous for the Niagara Falls; it has many other attractions of which these 9 are highly interesting. The Canadian Museum of Nature, Small Pony Barrel Works, Hog’s back falls, the Canadian Tulip Festival, Winterlude, Red rock coulee, Rawson lake, Dinosaur Provincial Park and West Edmonton mall.

What is Canada best known for?

The primary attraction in Canada is the Niagara Falls, surrounding it are other attractions as well. It is also known for its brewed beer and beautiful flora and fauna.

What is the most beautiful city in Canada?

It is hard to ascribe beauty to only one city in the entirety of Canada, each city has a different essence and a very different sense of beauty. One that cannot be compared to the others. Edmonton has a niche population and history, while Ottawa has commercial beauty.

Who is the most famous Canadian?

Jim Carrey, Celine Dion and Justin Bieber are among the most famous Canadians. Pamela Anderson and Ryan Reynolds are also fairly famous.

Which is the best city to visit in Canada?

If you are looking for history and heritage, you should pick a city like Edmonton. To see Canada commercial side, along with its beautiful administrative buildings and museums, Ottawa is the place to go to.

What is the prettiest place in Canada?

Jasper National Park, Abraham lake and the Bay of Fundy are among the prettiest places to visit in Canada, however, there is beautiful in almost all the monuments and the natural environment allows for one to embrace it completely.

What is the best time of the year to visit Canada?

Canada opens up different kinds of locations and tourist spots depending on the weather and time of the year. The summer allows for the opening of beach fronts and campfires and cultural events of the sort.

During winter, the winterlude and other ice festivals take place. When spring comes around, there are multiple flower festivals and the beauty one may experience is commendable.

Because of its versatility it is safe to say that Canada can be visited any time of the year.

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