Best Places in Canada for Solo Travelers

With extremely low crime rate, Canada is among the safest countries to travel in. As a result, it has become a sensational destination for the solo travellers from all over the globe. Owing to its vast area, Canada is the place for varied experiences, both culturally and geographically. Moreover, Canadians have the repute of being friendly and welcoming towards the tourists.

The easy to navigate lands keep the solo travellers on the right path and the breathtaking beauty of the country keeps the traveller coming back for more. The vast array of experiences that Canada offers are a curious combination to come across in a single country, through the architectural brilliance and natural beauty of the second biggest country in the world, Canada appeals to all kinds of travellers as it caters to cultural, historical and adventurous spirit of the same.

Though Canada is famous as a getaway destination with your family or significant other, the amount of solo travellers drawn to it in the recent years speaks volumes about its appeal to the travellers preferring to travel alone. The safety of the country itself guarantees a hassle free trip for the traveller. The country’s sublime beauty is known for its tranquil and serene atmosphere which is usually something the solo traveller searches for through solitary trips and travels to distant lands. The quiet of the icy lakes and forest and mesmerising sunrises are balanced out by the bustling cities of the country that provides a complete experience of the culture and heritage of the country.


The Canadian cities are as eminent for their architecture and cultural preservation as the natural landscapes of the country. The picturesque cities and towns are listed below.


As an underrated city of Canada, Halifax is vibrant with its compact community of friendly locals. As a result, the social life of Halifax is intriguing. The city is dotted with breweries, museums and historic sites. The capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax, is a walk-able city with a rich Scottish history.

The best part of this modern city is the bordering coastline. You can go on whale-watching trips and attend wine tastings all the same. The little towns and villages surrounding the city are worth exploring as well, you can rent a car for travelling within the city. The day trips available in the city are extremely detailed and cover the most part of the city these are suited for the solo travellers as you can get guided tours of all the spots.

The colourful waterfront and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic are unique attractions of the city. Peggy’s Cove and Peggy’s Point Lighthouse offer panoramic view of the shoreline and out towards the sea, and, Mahone Bay and Lunenburg UNESCO World Heritage Site adds the cultural aspect to the city. Fenwick, Robie, Oxford, Young and Spring Garden Road are famous for affordable local cuisine.


As a multicultural city, Toronto is the biggest metropolis of Canada, full of interesting things to do. It is one of the safest and most diverse cities in the whole world. The experiences to explore here are vast and are perfectly suited for the solo traveller.

You can avail buses, light rails, streetcars or subways to travel around the city. The cross-country Canadian rail that covers over 4466km is an once-in-a-lifetime journey with mesmerising sceneries to accompany you along the way.

Art Gallery of Ontario at Kensington Market, Casa Loma, numerous famous restaurants, sports and shopping centres along with historical and cultural heritages are part of the landscape of the city. But the prime attraction of the city is the Niagara Falls and the adjacent wineries. You can catch a guided tour from the city to the falls; it is a one day trip from the city. Toronto Island, CN Tower and the Distillery District are the other tourist spots in and around the city.

The city is popular among the solo travellers due to its easy navigability and great public transportation services. The varied cuisine available in the city is absolutely essential to enhance the tourists’ all round experience of the country.


The urban city of Montreal brings together the essence of vibrant North America and quaint Europe together and offers a lot of attraction for the tourists of different tastes and interests. Similar to other cities recommended for the solo traveller, Montreal is also extremely easy to navigate in and is walk-able.

The old part of the city bears the imprint of the European civilisation with aesthetic cafes and shops catering to the similar taste and style. The central part of the city embodies the metropolitan culture. It has abundant bars, restaurants and museums, and offers the tourists a true taste of the local experience. The scope of local engagement is the maximum in this city. Mont-Royal, Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal, Montreal Biodome and Parc Jean Drapeau are must visits for your trip to the city. You can find both the solitude and the hustle of the busy city here.

The fashion trends of the city are immensely popular around the world. With various festivals taking place all round the year, the food and fashion of the city is open for exploration for the tourists. Make sure to taste the most famous Poutine of Canada that had originated in Quebec, the dish consists of fries, cheese curd and gravy. The friendly people of the city are helpful and speak majorly French and English.

Other cities in Canada, like Ottawa, Quebec City, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver the city are among the favoured places to visit for the solo travellers due to their friendly locals and easily navigable streets. With various attractions to choose from, you can select and choose the cities according to your tastes and interests.


If you are the traveller that connects to nature better and relish the tranquillity that the greenery and landscape offers, you can find your fix amidst the varied scenery that Canada offers.


One cannot miss out on the sublime beauty of the Canadian Rockies on the visit to Canada. It is one bus ride away from the city of Calgary and specially built for tourism. The availability of public transport improves the navigability around the area and you can find various interesting activities within walking distance. There are hostels along with the luxury hotels and resorts to meet all preferences.

The place is often considered best suited for a romantic getaway but the historic town of Banff has got a lot to offer the solo traveller as well. The authentic shops and pubs of the place are bound to capture the attention of the tourists.

To experience the true beauty of nature, you must visit the Upper Hot Springs, undertake a trek up the Rockies, drive out to the Icefields Parkway to jasper or go out to explore Mount Norquay’s Via Ferrata. You can enjoy a walk along the Bow River and visit the Vermilion Lakes as well. The lakes Louise and Moraine are half-day trips from the central area of Banff. Explore the nature trails to get better acquainted with the place.

Vancouver Island:

The famous island of British Columbia is accentuated with pretty towns amidst gorgeous forestry. The relaxed culture of the island is bound to be impressive to the traveller and offer more aspects of the daily life to explore.

On the North Vancouver Island you can experience something completely out of the ordinary. The bohemian, natural oasis of the island offers Grizzly Bear tours, and hiking trails, along with kayaking and whale watching opportunities for the tourists.

Due to its well-maintained infrastructure, the city itself is perfect for solo travellers, it even boasts of the world’s longest automated driverless train system. You can put up at the affordable hostels and enjoy the best parks in the city.

Kananaskis Country:

The quaint place boasts of natural beauty and lesser known spots to relax and unwind. Kananaskis Country has vast areas that spread over various natural parks along the Highway 40. With the visuals of the Rocky Mountain, placid glacier lakes and rolling fields of alpine trees, the country attracts its fair share of tourists from all over the world. It offers plenty of opportunities for adventure for the solo travellers.

The exciting trek can take you up to dizzying heights and entrap you in the mesmerizing views from the mountains. You can hike, ski and cycle in and around the parks and enjoy the cross-country trails and experience the different topographies of the different parks throughout your stay at the parks. The areas are equipped with maps and guided tours, thus, making it completely secured for the solo travellers.

To experience the luxury in the rustic environment, you can reserve a room at the remote lodges in the parks and give your taste buds a taste of the local cuisine there while you enjoy the sunset over the forest area from the expansive deck of the lodge. They provide hearty meals and even can pack you lunch for your hike along the trails. Depending on your energy and time on your hand, you can explore as much of the area as possible. You can also opt for a relaxing weekend in the luxurious resorts at the mountain top while you take in the view and indulge in pampering yourself. The incredible scenery and breathtaking adventures are bound to land the place on your list of places to visit on your own.

Sunshine Coast:
Off the coast of Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast of Canada is a gem hidden in plain sight. Most of the tourists keep themselves immerse in the bustling and lively city of Vancouver with its vibrant social life and the coast goes often unnoticed. Indeed, it is best suited for the solo traveller who is looking for great outdoor experience. Take walks in the forest and the beach, bike around the around the town and across different villages, go fishing and indulge in the local culture of the place. Scuba diving and rock climbing activities are also popular here.

The Coast is made up of numerous small towns and lakes. There isn’t a well-connected bus service on the coast and that can be inconvenient for the traveller, so you are advised to make arrangements prior to your visit there.
The relaxed vibe at the Roberts Creek is highly recommended by the tourists. The social calendar of the village is by no means mundane, live bands perform quite regularly in the village. The real testament is the number of returning visitors to the Coast.

Other than these places famous for their appeal of nature, the eastern part of Newfoundland, Whitehorse, Winnipeg, the Sea to Sky Highway, Whistler, Cabot Trail, Killarney Provincial Park and Tofino are extremely popular. You can take the Northwest Passage on a cruise and experience the cultural nativity of the place alongside the natural beauty of it.

Where can I travel alone in Canada? Is Toronto safe to travel alone?

With extremely low crime rates and easy commute between places, Canada has become the most popular destination for solo travellers all over the world.
Toronto has been deemed safe by the tourists who visit them. Specially the downtown areas are safe even after dark but still you should be careful about your valuables and divide up you cash. Jaywalking is not illegal in Canada so being careful while walking and being mindful of cars and bicycles are recommended wherever you go.

Where can a single person go on vacation?

There are numerous places one can visit alone. There is the risk of safety and finding your way in the cities that pose major challenges in the planning of most solo trips. Canada has the combination of safety and easy communication between places to aid in both matters of concern. There are abundance of places to see as well and you are assured to find places that suit your interests there.

What is the best all-inclusive resort for singles?

Canada has various landscapes and urban cities to cater to the tastes of the visitors. Canada, as the home to multiple national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, has luxurious resorts at advantageous positions to avail the tourists the best views. In the urban cities have all kinds of resorts that are both luxurious and not cause a dent in your pocket and there are budget hotels as well. Depending upon the amount of money you are planning on spending, you can find almost anything there as the hospitality of the country has thriving repute.

Where is the safest place in Canada?

Canada is overall a safe country to visit as it observes really low crime rate and is safe for women after dark as well. According to recent surveys, the cities of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia are deemed as the safest for travelling. Most cities have surveillance cameras and the authorities have quick response time.

What is the best time of the year to go to Canada?

Canada is generally associated with cold weather but the summers are quite hot and dry in the region. The diverse landscape of the country contributes to its equally varied weather. The mountainsides observe harsher weather while the coastal areas are milder in that aspect. The best season to visit the country is in spring when the temperature is moderate and the various flower festivals are in full bloom.

Is travelling to Canada expensive? What is the cheapest month to fly to Canada?

The cost of travel really depends upon where you are travelling from and the season you are travelling in. Due to its harsh winter months, the tourists avoid Canada in that season. But the winter has its charm with snow and icicles. As a result, if you make your travel plans in winter and just after the winter holidays, chances are that you would get a good deal for your airfare. You can always plan ahead, book your tickets well in advance and avail the best deals whenever you are travelling.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Canada?

You can see the Northern Lights in Canada. The best time to see the Aurora Borealis is from October to March but you can take your chances in August or most summer months as well. Yukon has been recognised as the one of the best places to see the Northern Lights due to its advantageous position both in terms of latitude and location. Other than that, Yellowknife, Iqaluit, Churchill, Kuujjuaq, British Columbia, Alberta and the Canadian Rockies in general have been recognised as tourist spots especially for the lights.

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