Top Rated Tourist Attractions of Winnipeg

“Gateway to the west”, as it is known, Winnipeg is the ultimate destination for anyone wanting to have a chill getaway consisting of interesting performing arts and intriguing cultural scene. Rare as the location is in terms of tourism, it is essential to update our readers about all the things that the capital of Manitoba provides thus from the history to the top attractions in Winnipeg, this article has got your back! With information scattered everywhere on the internet, having the details structured in one written piece always tops. For someone who loves to explore aesthetic places such as Winnipeg, our article on “Top Rated Tourist Attractions of Winnipeg” will definitely quench your thirst!


‘Murky waters’ as the name Winnipeg means, is due to the fact that the city is built on the junction where two rivers meet. With many establishments coming into existence such as Fort rouge in the year 1738 by the French followed by Fort Gibraltar in the year 1810 by the North-West company, the capital of Manitoba, gradually grew. Not only that but the emergence of the Manitoba University in 1877 and the University of Winnipeg in 1967 also constituted supremely in the city’s growth.   

Without failing to mention the historical constructions, the timeline starts from the year 1967 when the Centennial concert hall was built, after which the Manitoba children’s museum in the year 1970 followed by Portage Place shopping mall in the year 1987 and lastly the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in the year 2014. From 4000, in the year 1873 to 709,000 at present, the population of Winnipeg continues to rise.


Known for the Red river and as the Railway hub of Canada, the city, Winnipeg in Manitoba is located in the Interior plains. Running approximately about 885 kilometres in the city, the Red River has been a pro and con for the residents of Winnipeg. Due to the city’s structural combination, which is being relatively flat and to have a flowing river, Winnipeg is prone to having floods and marshes. To maintain the title as the capital of Manitoba and help it become the largest city in the province, Winnipeg has railways that joins hands with the Canadian Pacific Railroad which runs throughout the country.


Ranging from 42 degrees Celsius to -47 degreed Celsius, diverse is how the weather is described in Winnipeg. Winter in this city focuses on Bonspiel thaw that is having unseasonably warm weather in the middle of January, Ice fogs and Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern lights. Only once in the last century has Winnipeg faced a non-white Christmas. Warm and generally not humid, during summers in Winnipeg, one can see the trees in full bloom beginning from late May to early October. Indian Summer which Winnipeg faces, is usually in late September when summer returns after the first frost.


A location with rich history is good, but with iconic places to explore, it makes the location, perfect. With basic knowledge about Winnipeg in place, it is time to mention the amazing and the most interesting attractions in this city! The following suggests the top 10 things to do in Winnipeg!

The Forks

Once a railway repair facility in Winnipeg, this place, that comprises of numerous stunning ancient buildings, is now a shopping and entertainment arena. A location where the two rivers Red and Assiniboine connect, is a home to delicious restaurants, fascinating museums and the tourist-favourite- shopping markets. Separated into many, the first and the foremost to mention is The Forks market that is located in the main building with stores divided on two levels. Here, the main hall is where there are delicious food stalls accompanied with fresh vegetables and fruits market put up by various vendors.  

Consisting of an array of shops is the Johnston Terminal building which is the second important establishment to visit. Leading one to Winnipeg’s famous landmark that is the Legislative building is via the Riverwalk which is a very peaceful walking trail. To gaze over the magnificent beauty of the river, checking out The Lookout tower is a must.

Summer weather calls out to people to splash around in the river whereas during winters, people enjoy skating either on the frozen river or in the ice-skating rink built by The Forks. It is available to visitors year-round.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Built in the year 2014, this museum mirrors the human rights ideologies in Canada and from across the globe. With the most magnificent architectural design comprising of concepts surrounding the human rights, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is not only the newest addition to Winnipeg’s cultural arts but has also become Manitoba’s most famous attraction. The museum is made of six levels which comprises of eleven galleries divided among the floors that can explored to the fullest.

Complimenting the galleries, is the Israel Asper tower of hope which overlooks the beautiful city.  Being available to visitors seven days a week from May to September, one can visit this iconic location between 10 am to 5 pm. However, post September, this spectacular establishments is open to people on Wednesdays up till 9 pm and is shut on Mondays.

Manitoba Museum

Being the third in the list of ‘sites to see in Winnipeg’, this museum depicts the overall history of the province which has three segments. Divided into nine galleries, the Museum which the first segment, showcases the rich background of Manitoba from north to south beginning from the ancient to the contemporary times. To put the dome to its best use, the Planetarium being the second segment, utilizes it to present the aesthetic night skies and gives an opportunity to learn about the universe. The third segment, which is the Science gallery lets one explore the ideas surrounding technology and laws of science.

The recreation of the Northern lights and the Hudson Bay fur trading post, the display of a 95 million year old Pliosaur fossil, the Nonesuch which is the replica of the 17th century sailing ship that the visitors can explore by climbing aboard, all constitutes as the highlights of the museum which must not be missed. It is open to visitors from 10 am to 4 pm.

Assiniboine Park and Zoo

Housing a wide variety of flora and fauna, the 445 hectares of land has been the most visited attraction for families, tourists, animal lovers, nature lovers and school groups. From experiencing the polar bears and seals swimming in the sea ice passage above the walking path made for visitors to interacting with some really exotic animals such as musk ox, snowy owls, caribou, not to forget the global ones such as Amur tigers, camels, snow leopards etc, this park is a must visit.

To add on the enjoyment, the park comprises of the supremely famous Leo mol sculpture garden for all age groups and a steam train which being unique attracts many visitors to this location. The park is available to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm.

Legislative building

The hieroglyphics, the Freemason symbols and the secret numerical codes are the most unique features of this Tyndall stone and Italian marble made establishment known as the Legislative building in Winnipeg. Completed in 1919, this ancient development is so intriguing that to understand it correctly, one must be accompanied by an architectural historian guide.

Complimenting this building, there are statues, monuments and the most aesthetic gardens. Placed on top of the dome, is the five tons weighing statue, known as the Golden Boy, plated with 23.5 carat gold, it holds a torch in his right and sheaf of wheat on his left hand which is to symbolize the agricultural growth of Manitoba. The building is available to the visitors to self-explore from 8 am to 8 pm. Guided tours shall be accessible to the visitors from September to June and can only commence if pre-bookings are done for the same.

Festival du Voyageur

Talking about winter in Winnipeg, it is impossible to not mention the insanely popular winter festival, Festival du Voyageur. Celebrating the traditions of the French Voyageurs who were the fur traders of Canada, the festival includes entertainment and activities for children and adults. Spread across the city and mainly at the Voyageur park are large tents that houses live music, food, dancing and basically catering to all levels of enjoyment for the visitors. Being a part of this festival means that one cannot miss out on the snow sculptures. It is a highly essential to experience this festival when exploring Winnipeg so one must book their tickets in the month of February.

Fort Whyte Alive

Number seven on the ‘top 10 activities in Winnipeg’ list is the five lakes, grassy land and the boardwalks which aptly describes the Fort Whyte Alive. From a variety of outdoor activities, it is established that visitors, be it first timers or regular ones, will connect deeply not only with the nature but with Manitoba’s rich culture. With serenity spreading all around this place, it is sure one will definitely gain insights about themselves as well. From visiting the Bison Prairie, the Aquarium of the Prairies, the Prairie dog town to going wildlife watching, cross country skiing and not to forget experiencing the canoeing and fishing on the lakes, the Burrowing owl enclosure and the seven kilometres of forest trail, this location is a perfect for an amazing day out of enjoyment.

St. Boniface Cathedral

To give tribute to the French Romanesque architecture, this building has served as one of the most iconic structures that the visitors love to explore. Oldest cathedral as it, it has been rebuilt due to occasions involving fire but has maintained the intricacies of the French design which was found in the year 1818. Built in a very serene park, the cemetery serves as the oldest catholic burial ground that consists of gravestones of several popular figures and the original settlers. Accompanied by this, is the St. Boniface Museum which initially was the first convent as well as a hospital, girl’s school and an orphanage in the west of Canada.

Manitoba Children’s museum

Serving first in the list of ‘top children activities in Winnipeg’ is the Manitoba Children’s museum which is located at The Forks. To entertain children of all ages, there are twelve galleries which are highly interactive. From galleries featuring the Milk machine where one can step inside and explore a giant cow cube to Lasagne lookout where they can engage and fool around with food, this place is like heaven for these young energy machines. Not only these, but the museum is also responsible for hosting traveling rendezvous, and holiday events such as Halloween and Christmas.

Kildonan Park

The Kildonan Park is the most beautiful and a cannot miss attraction of all. Spread across 99 acres with 2.7 kilometres of the relaxation trails, this is perfect for people who want to take a break from the day to day work and meditate in peace. Not only them, but this place is absolutely apt for bird watchers, too. As it runs along the Red river, it makes the park utmost aesthetic for photography. This park has the most beautiful flower gardens that are complimented by a Hansel and Gretel witch’s hut.

Home to the longest running open air theatre in Canada, Rainbow Stage has been a huge accessory for the Kildonan Park. Complimenting this, there are other tourist attractions such as an outdoor swimming pool and a golf course to cater to everyone’s enjoyment and chilling needs.

Apart from the above-mentioned top 10 activities to do in Winnipeg, there are locations such as The Winnipeg art gallery, the exchange district national historic site, The Corydon avenue, Manitoba centennial centre, which is highly essential to explore when in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Exploration of a new place cannot be done fully if not taken enough rest, thus here are the top hotels which the tourists can exercise when roaming Winnipeg. Being close to the top attractions in the capital of Manitoba, the hotels emphasized below give a huge advantage to the people visiting this city.

In the heart of downtown Winnipeg is the luxurious Fairmont Hotel which located at the apex of Main Streets and Portage. Making it easy to access the underground mall and a way to The Forks not to forget several museums, this is the most apt hotel for the tourists.

To experience Caribbean and Indian themed rooms, the top class Mariaggi’s theme suite hotel and spa is perfect for the tourists as well.  Again, located in the downtown Winnipeg, this hotel offers an easy way to head to the dining and enjoy the entertainment in the Exchange district.

Inn at the Forks, as the name suggests this hotel is located at The Forks. With Riverstone spa at one hand and a beautiful contemporary décor on the other, this hotel is very decent in terms of expenditure and experience.

If one is interested in having a complete historical experience of Winnipeg from the year 1913, Fort Garry hotel is your place. Located right across the street from The Forks, this hotel gives out a highly grand and classy vibe of that era.

Talking about supremely pocket friendly hotels, are the Holiday Inn and Suites downtown, and Humphry Inn and Suites. The former mentioned hotel is apt for those tourists whose interest lies in visiting the Winnipeg art gallery whilst the latter mentioned, The Humphry Inn, is very close to the main city and has the best delicacies around it.

If one is looking for leisure, relaxation and excitement at the same time, Winnipeg, Manitoba is the perfect place for hanging around. From its rich history and background, to what the province provides for its tourists, Winnipeg does not fail to amuse one. So wait no longer, book your tickets right away to explore this magnificent capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg!

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