Top Rated Tourist Attractions of Ontario

In our Top Rated Attactions of Ontario – we talk about the province of wonders – situated in the central region holding around 38% of Canada’s population. It is sometimes divided as Northern and Southern Ontario. Quebec, James Bay and Hudson Bay surround the region. It is a massive region and has a variety of attractions and high rates of tourism.

The population in Ontario, mostly, resides in the South because the North faces brutal winters, it is not completely abandoned, however, it is very thinly populated. the capital of the Province of Ontario is Toronto. The word ‘Ontario’ stands for ‘Great Lake’ in the Wyandot Language. The fresh waters lakes in the province are around 250,000. It is a lush and fertile section of land; the flora and fauna are beautiful and contribute in great amounts to the ecosystem. The official flower of the region is the White Trillium, a flower that is rare, but rather common in Ontario. The province and its people have access to a metro and the region is said to be well-connected. It is filled with parks and conservatories, both natural and provincial.


The region was inhabited by different tribes before the Europeans came to Canada. The French were the first to come and create a settlement in Canada. The French explorer Etienne Brule claimed the territory in 1610, but in the year 1611, Englishmen came to the land via Hudson Bay under the leadership of Henry Hudson. The Hurons were affected by diseases like small pox and the epidemic of measles. These diseases were First seen in Europe. The Hurons lost a huge amount of population to the diseases due to the lack of immunity. The Hurons who were left without being harmed moved to Quebec. The region switched hands between the British, the French and finally it was taken over by the Americans after many wars and treaties.


Ontario isn’t seen as a single province, instead it is divided into 4 minor regions. These regions are the Hudson Bay Lowlands, the Canadian Shield, Great Lakes Lowlands and the St. Lawrence Lowlands. There are a huge number of waterfalls and water bodies in the Ontario region. There is a lack of mountainous ranges. It is minced and separated by hundreds of rivers and its beauty lies in its water bodies.


The province of Ontario has a semi-continental climate with comfortably warm and humid summers, but the winters are cold and sometimes drop to freezing temperatures. Toronto sees a phenomenon of smog during the summer. It sees around 1 cm of snow all around the region at different parts of the year. There is precipitation throughout the year and it is paced and spread throughout the various regions of the province. The lakes are constantly filled and refilled because of the recurring showers and there are a large range of different types of water bodies etc.

There are a large range of places to visit within the state of Ontario. That being said, it is important to segregate and pick places based on your likes and dislikes during your visit. The region has an immense assortment of art galleries, conservatories, parks and museums that hold within themselves diverse objects and art pieces. Here are 14 places you must visit in Ontario. This list draws through differences and comprises of the spots you will find interesting and fun, while they tell you history’s tale as well.

The Royal Museum (ROM)

This museum consists of diverse art, history and world culture. It also has elements of natural history and is one of the most visited museums in the world. It stands as Canada’s most visited museum; it sees around a million visitors in a year. The museum has more than 6,000,000 items within its walls and nearly 40 galleries. It takes a good amount of time to explore and understand the museum completely, but it is totally worth it.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls is a natural wonder, there are tons of things to do around the falls and the activities that can be engaged in are many. There is a variety of diverse and fun activities present in the region. Accommodation and comfort can be found here. There are treks around the locality, nature walks, viewpoints, opportunities to go paragliding, zip-lining and to indulge in adventurous activities too. Beyond all of this, the sight of the falls is a sight for sore eyes and is something everyone should be able to see in a lifetime.

Lake of the Woods

The lake of the Woods is a region within the borders of the state of Ontario. It is filled with lakes and has an abundance of fishing areas. It is an ideal weekend getaway town. If you’re someone who loves sunsets, you’ll also want to know that this town is called the Ontario’s land of sunsets. The reflections of the sun on the waters and hidden lakes make it an ideal town for romance too. There are lakes at the top of mountains and these lakes are of extreme beauty. They are all well-kept and the nature in these areas are preserved and treated with caution.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

The aquatic creatures that one will see at this aquarium are exceptional. From vibrant fishes, sharks and crawling sea creatures to jelly fish and star fish, the Aquarium has it all. It is one of the biggest indoor aquariums and features a huge variety of underwater animals. It is under the ownership of Ripley Entertainment. It is one of the three aquariums run by them. The infrastructure is unique and something to marvel at, it takes a period of approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours to go around the entire aquarium.

Dundurn Castle

Having been home to Sir Allan Napier MacNab, a railway magnate and a man known to be part of the cream of society, the mansion holds history and the traditions and everything within it are kept alive by the Duchess of Cornwall, who happens to be the patron and a living descendant of MacNab. The mansion is known for its workshops and celebratory events surrounding festivals, all in Victorian fashion. There are cooking workshops and a variety of other things the castle has to offer. It is an ideal place to spend a day with family in the midst of history.

Huron Natural Area

The Huron Natural Area is a paradise for joggers, photographers and anyone who enjoys nature and the natural environment. It is a nirvana for bird watchers too. Events like wellness walks and yoga workshops are known to happen quite frequently around the Huron Area. They have a playscape and a water park too within this natural area. The word Huron is derived from the word used to describe and denote the people who lived in native Canada.

Rideau Canal

The rideau canal is a historic masterpiece and has a great number of lock stations, each hold historic significance. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. The canal is of exquisite build. It can be visited by road, boat and bicycle. You can also take a walk around or across the canal. It is the oldest operating canal in North America, the locks in the canal are worked just as frequently as they used to when it was built and first opened in the year 1832.

Kingston Waterfront

This attraction of Canada is seasonal. The waterfront spans over 8km. During the summer, paddle boating, swimming, kayaking, canoeing happens all over the waterfront. There are fairs and bike rentals, the water is reflective and the sea side is any beach lover’s heaven. If you’re looking for a free ferry ride, then all you have to do is look for the Wolfe Island Ferry. It is ever so pleasing to sip on a refreshing beverage and stroll around the shores while watching the waves. A line of historic buildings can be seen around this waterfront too.

CN Tower

The CN tower was initially built to help provide television and networking for a wide range of people. The project came to life in 1972, it is one of the tallest buildings in Canada when it was built. It can still be seen from a great distance and it holds within itself an observation deck with a phenomenal view. It has a 360-degree restaurant and an edge walk too. The experience you will receive at this venue is overall, wholesome.

Thousand Islands Playhouse

The Thousand Islands Playhouse is one of Canada’s renowned theaters. It is a dockside theater. In the year 1982, a man by the name Greg Wanness, together with a group of persistent and hardworking artists bought a vintage building along the St.Lawrence River. Soon it was converted into a proscenium theater with about 360 seats, it stands along the banks of the river to this day featuring plays and giving a complete theater experience.

National Gallery of Canada

Located in the capital city, Ottawa, this museum has 12,400 square meters of exhibiting space and hence, it is one of the largest art museums in North America. It was established in 1880 at a different building, it has been moved around ever since until the current gallery was designed and built. The permanent collections held by the museum amount to around 93,000, it also hosts traveling exhibits and exhibitions. It is widely known as the world’s most comprehensive collection of art from Canada.

Canadian Automobile Museum

Founded in 1962, this museum was opened by business men in Oshawa, through its Chamber of Commerce. The building hasn’t changed at all, even the elevator used to move the cars to the second floor of the museum remains the same. It has within it, different kinds and types of Canadian automobiles that hold significance. It serves as a source for historical representation in the field of automobiles, it is also extremely educational.

Peterborough Lift Lock

The Peterborough Lift Lock is a boat lift on the Trent Canal. For the longest time, this lift lock possessed the highest hydraulic boat lift on the face of the earth. It can lift boats to a height of around 20 m. It has caissons where the boats can settle and there are gates too. It is a beautiful sight and a pleasant experience to see the lift lock at work.

Parliament Hill in Ottawa
This beautiful collection of parliamentary buildings and structures are located on the southern banks of the all famous Ottawa River. This complex was originally used as a military base before it was converted into a governmental precinct later on. It consists of various buildings and towers and even a library.

8 exciting and out of the box adventures to have when in Ontario:

Be a part of the Toronto International Film Festival

If you love watching movies and follow movies based on their popularity, cause and direction, this is a film festival you have to attend. Coloured with multiple talented directors and screenings of the best movies and short films made every year, it is something every movie lover is sure to enjoy.

Go biking along the Burlington Waterfront Trail

The Burlington Waterfront is a gorgeous waterfront that allows a great view and while it can be accessed by foot and by other means of transport, riding a bike down the trail with wind blowing through your hair and hitting your face is exceptionally thrilling.

Visit the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Are you a bookworm? Can you identify most authors? You’re going to be surprised by the rarity of this library for sure. The library holds copies of books that the world has almost forgotten and books that you will not find anywhere else. Its architecture is an added bonus, it is a fabulous sight.

Drive on the Pleasantville Curve

The Pleasantville Curve is one of the most colourful curves, paint from all over Canada is tested on this road and it has a marbled paint effect. You will never be able to understand its beauty unless you drive along it. The colours and the scenery, coming together around you in perfect harmony, add a soundtrack and that’s what perfection is!

Stroll through the Brockville Railway Tunnel

Walk through this elegantly lit tunnel and experience history, trace back the development of the railways and feel yourself become part of it all, just for a minute.

Take a dip at Bathtub Island

The Bathtub Island’s clear waters will make you want to soak yourself in them forever, take a dip along the water and feel the warmth and beauty of it all. These Islands are enjoyable only during the summer. The clear, shallow water is immensely relaxing.

Give yourself chills while visiting Balaclava Ghost Town

Looking for the haunted towns all over the world? Ontario has one to offer too! This town is called Balaclava Ghost Town and is a scarcely populated town. The chilling winds and shrill movement of the leaves are sure to give you the shivers.

Explore at the Spruce Bog Boardwalk

The Spruce Bog Boardwalk is not like any regular Boardwalk. It has parts to be explored and its exquisiteness is extremely impressive. It is sure to stay etched in your memory. Oh! And don’t forget your camera when you’re visiting it! It is the best place to click some pretty pictures.

Ontario is vast and if you’re looking to explore it all at once, in a short period of time, our way is the way to go! Did we miss your favorite spots? Were we right? Tell us everything in the comments! And stay tuned to us for more. In the meantime, happy traveling and may you always click maple!

What is Ontario best known for?

It is known for its diversified forests, flora and fauna, the world-famous Niagara Falls and the great lakes that it holds.

What is there to do in Ontario, Canada? 

At Ontario, one can visit the extravagant CN tower and its revolving restaurant, the Royal Ontario Museum fondly known as ROM, the Toronto international film festival also takes place here. There are more than a dozen parks and lakes, there are theme parks, Canada’s Wonderland is one of the most famous.

What famous tourist attraction is found in Ontario, Canada? 

CN tower, Niagara Falls, Horse shoe falls, the Parliament Hill which consists of parliamentary buildings and a huge library. Everything in the city is culturally sound. The national gallery and the lift lock are also well-known attractions.

Where should I go on a road trip in Ontario? 

Thousand Islands and Tobermory- a harbour village are some of the possible road trip destinations. Huntsville is also not too far away and is a delightful weekend destination.

What are the coldest months in Ontario?

December, January and February are the coldest months in Ontario, there is a drop in temperature and there is a visible increase in the snowfall during these months.

How far is Niagara Falls from Toronto?

There is a 72 mile distance between the two locations and that will take around an hour and a half, if one were to travel by car.

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