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Canada is captivating in itself, however, the city of Edmonton is awe-inspiring and a wonder in itself. It is located in Alberta, a Canadian Province and happens to be its capital. Edmonton is the second-largest city in the province and has the fifth-largest organized municipality in the entire country. It is a metropolitan area and its municipality is said to be engrossed from five municipalities that surrounded it. This beautiful city is commonly known as “Canada’s Festival City”. It is a center for services with regard to culture, education and the government. Edmonton proudly holds within itself North America’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall. There are multiple oil sand projects and diamond mining projects happening within the city. Seated atop the North Saskatchewan River, the city sparkles just at much as the diamonds it produces and sells in its markets. The city is known to highlight history while showcasing contemporary development with elegance. The inhabitants and residents of the city are called Edmontonians.

Edmonton saw its earliest inhabitants in 3000 BC, maybe even as early as 12,000 BC. The city was chosen by inhabitants as it showed signs of timber and iceless corridors at the time. There were water and wildlife too in the region. Anthony Henday discovered and began exploring the region in the year 1754. He came to the region primarily aiming at fur trade with the aboriginal communities of Edmonton. A series of treaties were signed under Queen Victoria’s rule, she was then Queen of Canada. Edmonton was a part of the Klondike Gold Rush and the arrival of the northern railways in the city and the region brought about immense growth.
During the first world war, the city saw a huge drop in its population rates. After the war the population rates stabilized and the economy saw development, all this drooped once more when the second world war came around. Edmonton holds Canada’s first licensed airfield, the Edmonton City Centre Airport. It was built in 1929.
After the devastation the region faced during the war, it was victim to a terrible storm. the storm came around in 1987. It claimed 27 lives and thereon, a day was marked as Black Friday.
The city had its part in social movements of progression, labor unions and other factors that led towards the development of equal rights amongst other things. It followed the system of the Single Transferable Vote [STV]. The city also had one of Canada’s first female mayor’s during the period of the Great Depression.

Location and Geography:
Edmonton is full of rich forests. The forests consist of coniferous and deciduous trees, the North Saskatchewan River adds beauty and geographical intensity to the city. It also holds various lakes, to name a few: The Lesser Slave Lake, The Pigeon Lake, and others. Ranges of spectacular mountains, that is the mountains of Columbia are close to Edmonton. Among its many natural wonders, Edmonton has a fair number of waterfalls as well. These factors contribute to its 360-degree beauty and prosperity. The city sees, what people call, “Continental” climate and it is prone to floods because of the presence of the huge number of lakes, ponds, the river, and waterfalls as well. The change in climate has been having an adverse effect on the wetlands and its surrounding areas. It is predicted that this condition could get worse if nothing changes. There have been a great number of floods in the region too.

The city is mostly warm and sunny, even during the winter and rough frosty periods in other parts of Canada. The rain it receives comes to the region during summer. The air is dry and there is a lack of humidity, this bothers very few people. The summer nights at Edmonton are rather cool and the winter is long and cold. For a period of 141 days or more there is snowfall and a measure of snow greater than a centimeter. The region sees the sun more than any of the other regions surrounding it, however predicting the weather in Edmonton is next to impossible. It has seen a temperature as high as 33.9 degrees and temperatures as low as -49.4 degrees. Its climate is unique and it stands out among many things about Edmonton.

The region of Edmonton has the second largest population in the country and this population is made up of various ethnic groups. This ethnic diversity doesn’t seem to affect the people living in the city. it only enhances the curiosity revolving around the state. While only 17.4% of the population is originally Canadian, Southeast Asians and East Asians make up 15.9%. South Asians make up 9.5% and the Aboriginal population stands at 6.4%. Africans make up about 6.1% of the populations and the rest of it is accounted for by the Latin Americans, West Central Asian and Middle Eastern and Caribbean people living in Edmonton. Its diversity is thrilling and shocking in ways.

The city of Edmonton is an ideal holiday destination because along with its historical significance, it has beauty in a contemporary form to offer to anyone who wills to visit it. The monuments and skyscrapers, museums and art galleries, the massive number of parks and exhibits of flora and fauna among many other things help it stand out as a place that is special. It is home to many, but there is beauty beyond it being a city that holds residents.

Here are 11 places you must see in Edmonton, because if you visit them… there’s no way we’ll let you miss out. The following list not just covers the regular tourist list; it goes beyond that and explores history, art forms, flora and fauna and the enormous exquisiteness of the city in its momentous wonders and contemporary reliefs.

Peace Tower:
Visit the peace building and enjoy the view and everything it has to offer before January 2019, for it is to be closed for the next 10 years and renovated and fixed. This initiative has been taken by the Public services and Procurement of Canada. This building features a Gothic Revival style and its birds-eye view shows you the entire state of Edmonton in all its beauty and grandeur.

Rideau Canal:
The waterways in Canada are marvelously built and put forth Canada’s beauty and natural features. There are multiple rides that steer through these waterways and they are surely pleasurable. During the summer, these rides stop at particular points to enable its passengers to take a dive into the blue-green waters that sparkle below.

Royal Canadian Mint:
The Canadian mint doesn’t just produce coins, it is known to produce the world’s most striking and sought-after collectible coins. The mints are opened to tour, all year round and they make coins of gold and silver.

Farmers’ Market:
The farmers’ market at Edmonton is one of the most cherished tourist attractions. The fresh produce and happy faces enhance the value of the goods and services sold there. The market is open during set time frames and is a market you’ll surely want to visit. There are various farmers’ markets in different regions too, so don’t be afraid to check those out either!

Muttart Conservatory:
The conservatory hold greenery within pyramids built of glass and metal. It offers various activities and a place to stay too. The conservatory is home to flora and fauna that is on the verge of extinction and vegetation that needs to be preserved. There are various types of flora and fauna and all of this is cultured within these beautiful enclosures.

Winston Churchill Square:
Winston Churchill Square is known for its sense of community and family. The various events that take place at the square enable the people to interact and make the community stronger. If you are looking to enjoy an amazing home-cooked lunch and a stroll in the mellow sun, Winston Churchill Square is the place you’re looking for!

Elk Island National Park:
This national park plays a vital role in the conservation of the American Bison, a species that is dying out. It is situated around 35 km east of Edmonton and is an ideal weekend getaway. The greenery and the animals give a sense of calm to anyone who chooses to spend time at the national park. It is well maintained and is certainly an enclosure of infinite beauty.

Edmonton Valley Zoo:
The Edmonton Valley Zoo stands out with its ability to entertain the entire family. The zoo holds within it more than 350 different types of animals, birds, and reptiles. It offers day-long tours and activities. The activities are scheduled and conducted on the basis of age, likes and dislikes of the tourist and the day of the week. The zoo, hence, features not just as a zoo but as a place of entertainment too.

The Alberta Museums
There are three museums you need to visit, each dedicated to a special cause. You may begin with the Alberta Legislature Building and from there on a detour towards the Alberta Aviation Centre and the Alberta Railway museum. The museums hold locked down history and give the current generations a chance to walk through it and taste the beauty and genius of the past. The Alberta Art Gallery is also part of the package. This art gallery is home not just to paintings, but to contemporary sculptures and works of art enthusiasts. Its beauty is unexplainable and the true experience can only be felt as you walk through the halls of this immense huge art gallery. Many arts draw inspiration from the gallery and it has no lack of it. Its immensity and gorgeousness stand out without fail.

Ukrainian Cultural Village
This cultural village is nothing but an open-air museum. It was opened in the year 1971 and its motive was to commemorate the beauty and the traditions of the settlements of the Ukrainians in Canada. One of its distinguishing features is the dressed-up participants of live exhibits. Men and women feature as parts of the cultural heritage in their traditional attire etc. This enhances the overall picture and purpose of the center.

Citadel Theatre:
This cultural and art hub is located in the Downtown Core, near Winston Churchill Square. The Citadel theatre features famous artists all year round. It is special because of its high state of the art appearance. However, initially it was just a church packed with 277 stone seats. Now, it stands as one of the most famous cultural centers in the world. The first play was held in 1973 and the theatre stands as one of the most active centers for art and theatre today.

We’ve looked at the conventional things to do at Edmonton, this is a special section for you. Here is a list of unconventional things to do in Edmonton. Is it a small eat-out? Or is it a store that sells the most beautiful contemporary jewelry? Worry not! We’ve plotted a route map for you. This is a list of 9 out of the box things to do in Edmonton!

Take a look at the Northern lights:
A wholesome view of the Northern lights can be seen from the city of Edmonton after dark, AuroraWatch will be your guide and let you know when and where to go to see the most stunning view. This view and the chance to gaze at it is an opportunity you do not want to bypass. Pop a bottle of champagne and pull out a portable stretch chair!
Visit Edmonton mall and have a go at the largest water slide in the world:
If you are that person who looks for adventure, you definitely have to visit the Edmonton mall’s water slide! The slide is sure to thrill you and the mall will give you the chance to shop till you drop. The mall offers its customers not just a waterslide though, there is a fake reef, an ice rink and a wonderful amusement park within its premises.

Detour to the city of Jasper:
The mountainside town of Jasper is not within the limits of Edmonton, but if you are looking to enjoy a camping trip, a riverside picnic or a day fishing in a river or lake, you know where to head. Jasper’s greenery and beauty have had the residents of Edmonton visiting it since the beginning of civilization. The alpine mountains and the grand landscape is sure to make you feel welcome.

Take the Whyte Avenue Art Walk:
Savouring the local tastes and styles is any traveler’s delight. Exploring the art scene at a new venue is an artist’s delight. The display at Whyte Avenue is 4 kilometers long and filled with Edmonton’s finest artworks. Relish the beauty and fill your senses with the colors and strokes of these talented, artists individuals as you take the art walk.

Click pictures at Canola fields:
The loveliness of Edmonton shows itself in the canola fields on the borders of the city. The bright flowers are sure to give your pictures an edge and an experience that you will never forget. Walkthrough the fields and feel the breeze and watch the sunset, the hues of yellow, orange and pink mix for you like a palette of an artist and the entire encounter will make you feel nature’s wondrousness.

Experiment and try a locally brewed form of alcohol:
The local bars and breweries make the best beer and brew the best versions of authentic Canadian alcoholic beverages. Experimenting with the local liquors and liqueurs is a rite of passage and once you’ve understood the tastes and textures of the alcohol, you’re either going to fall in love with the taste and the authenticity or walk away without wanting to try it ever again! There is no in-between.

Check-in at the renowned Chateau on the River:
The Chateau on the river, more formally known as The Fairmont Hotel McDonald has been standing above the river for a good period of 100 years. It is like any other five-star hotel, only better. It has a spa, an indoor pool, and every other amenity. Its antique décor and warmth will make you feel like you’re walking back in time as you walk through the hallways and dine at the dining halls at the tables draped with crotched nets and placemats. All of this is tied together with the views of the hotel and its stellar appearance.

Hop on to the High-Level Streetcar:
Edmonton is about the only place where you can get yourself into a revamped trolley from the 1900s and cross a river while riding on it. It is the world’s tallest river crossing trolley and it isn’t expensive either. It is totally worth the money and the views and experience are out of this world. All you have to do is board the trolley at Jasper Terminal.

Watch a movie at the Princess Theatre:
The Princess Theatre will take you back in time. The cinema hall’s decor takes you back in time… to the vintage age and the tickets to this theatre begin from a price of $8. The concession stall is part of the entire theme too and it feels like you’re in a whole different time frame. For those of you who love everything vintage, this place is one you don’t want to miss.

Edmonton has a place for all kinds of people, from markets and squares for those who love to socialize to parks and conservatories for nature lovers, and artistic, cultural and ultimate ecstasy for the lovers of art. It offers diversity, culinary excellence and it is the perfect spot to go on a vacation to.
That brings us to the end of the tour through the city of Edmonton. Did you visit Edmonton? Were we right about the places you needed to visit or did you find places that were more interesting than these? Leave all your answers for us in the comments and if you’re taking a trip to Canada, may your trip be as fine as the Alpine trees in Jasper and as crisp as the maple leaves during autumn. Happy Traveling!

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