Top-rated Tourist Destinations in Quebec

Quebec, one of the most popular provinces of Canada is the second most populated state in Canada. Known for its rich and long history, supreme architecture and scenic views of nature, this place meets the need of every traveler. From the 20th century, Quebec has seen a major transformation in itself, from a rural province to urban with increasing industrialization and education development, the growth rate of this province has always been increasing.  

Now let’s have a look at the best places to visit in Quebec province.

In this blog, we will discuss the popular tourist attractions in Quebec in detail that will cover the following-

#1 Fun activities to do 
#2 Best timings to visit
#3 How to reach 
#4 The time you can spend there
#5 Lip-smacking delicacies which you need to try
#6 Secret and bonus tips

Top 3 places to visit in Quebec

  1. Quebec City

What better than starting your tour from the capital city itself which covers the most diverse landscapes? In Quebec City, you will either find yourself surrounded by nature or exploring the history of Quebec or simply enjoying the rich experience of one of its kind museum. Famous for its royal charm, UNESCO World Heritage site,  and great nightlife, this place deserves to be on your bucket list. Old Quebec, the most popular tourist destination of Quebec city, has been recognized as the Cultural Heritage of Quebec and is no less than a dreamland. Clustered near St. Lawrence River, the quaint stones buildings capture some of the best tourist attractions including the Citadel and Notre Dame Basilica.

Top 3 places to visit in Quebec City

The lovely Chateau Frontenac– Build in the 19th Century, this historic hotel has a record for being most photographed in the world. Located in Old Quebec, designed by Bruce price, this hotel labeled as National Historic site of Canada stands as tall as 78.8 meters with 18 floors. If you ever wondered what it might be to live in a castle, this is the place for you.

#1 Fun Activities to do – If you can spend a night in this hotel, it is not only the charming beauty of this hotel but the experience which will make your trip memorable. The service provided is exceptionally great and this is a dream come true for everyone who dreamt of living in a castle.

But if spending a night in this historic hotel seems too heavy for your pocket, don’t worry we got you covered.

Well one can always hop in the lobby to get a view of the extravagant art designs and décor, you can take an escorted tour for 20 Canadian dollars, and discover the historic people and events that led to the development of this beautiful Fairmount historic hotel and while you are at it enjoy a luxurious and delicious dining experience  in Champlain restaurant or enjoy a fancy lunch in Le Sam Bistro Evolution which overlooks the St. Lawrence River.

#2 Best timing to visit- Mid February to April is the best time to visit, as the rooms are available at the cheapest rates, post Winter carnival. You might get a room under $200 during this period.

#3 How to reach– You can reach Old Quebec by flight from Jean Lesage International airport and then take a cab or bus to reach this hotel. If you live in the US or Canada, the train is recommended for transport as you can view the beauty of Quebec City and enjoy the experience thoroughly.

#4 Time you can spend– one night is enough to live the experience of this posh hotel, but if you are not looking forward to spending a night here, One to two hours is required to take the guided tour and enjoy great dining.

#5 Lip-smacking delicacies you need to try- It is really difficult to curate a shortlist of the dishes provided, as everything tastes great here, but to be really specific you should try lunch buffet at Café de la Terrasse, and while you are here, satisfy your sweet tooth too, with some amazing dessert. 

Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre

Located on the northeastern side of Quebec city, this shrine is one of five national shrines in Canada. Initially constructed to honor Saint Anne, this place is a must-visit not only for the architectural beauty but for the belief that this church has healing powers and cures the sick and distressed.

 #1 Fun Activities to do here– After paying a visit to this holy shrine there are a lot of activities you can do in and around the area.

  1. Saint- Anne falls- Just about 7 kilometers from the popular Basilica, this Great Canyon is famous for all the right reasons. With beautiful falls and splendid views, this place qualifies as the best place to visit with your loved ones. To satisfy the thrill-seeker in you, take a zipline across the George or go to the three suspension bridge to have a better view.
  2. National Wildlife refuge- If you are the one who appreciates wildlife, and do not mind traveling 10 km from Saint- Anne, visit this reserve located at Cap Tourmente. You can wander around the reserve or take a hiking trail which expands over 20 kilometers. This reserve is home to many extinct birds like Peregrine falcon, Indigo bunting, Scarlet Tanager and much more.

#2 Best timings to visit– Warm and comfortable weather is mostly appreciated by tourists all over the world and thus you should visit this place in between June to August, with warm weather and low chances of rain.

#3 How to reach- From Quebec city, you can avail the services of ship cruise which opens up at 7:00 am, but that is too early for you, you can always avail the bus services and take a cab while returning.

#4 Time you can spend– If you are only visiting the Basilica, one to two hours will be enough but if you want to try out the fun activities mentioned, you can reach early morning and leave in late afternoon or evening.

#5 Lip-smacking delicacies in and around the place- Now let’s cater to the needs of your taste buds. Though there are plenty of options available, Le Montagnais located in 9450 Boulevard Sainte-Anne, is a must for all the foodies out there. IF you are looking for a good start with a delightful breakfast check out the Le Marie Beaupre located in 9749 Boulevard Sainte-Anne.

#6 Bonus tip– While you are here, visit the center commercial place, located in 10516 Boulevard Sainte-Anne. You will find some amazing gifts for yourself and your loved ones!

Chutes Montmorency- An 84 meter high long steep slope, higher than Nigeria falls is located just about 10 km north from Quebec City and is a great place for a short and fun trip. With trails, staircases and cable cars it provides a splendid view of the falls.

Museum de la Civilisation- Not a fan of history? Well visit this museum in Quebec City and I am sure you will change your mind. Delving right into history this museum has captured all architectural interests. It deals with all the aspects of the history of French in North America.

#1 Fun Activities to do- The exhibition in this museum is very different from what you have seen or at least expected. Suitable for all age groups, you can happily bring your little ones or friends and families. 

  1. You can either draw the connection of the past and present of the people of Quebec city.
  2. Admire the complexity and simplicity at the same time as the Roofline garden.
  3. Be a part of the daily virtual exhibition
  4. There are a lot of other daily activities, and it depends on the time of your visit.

#2 Best timings to visit- You can visit the museum whole year-round, either in the winters enjoying the snow and cold weather or summers in comforting warm weather. Though the timing of the museum for visit is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is closed on Mondays.

#3 How to reach- You can take a sightseeing hop in and out the bus or just avail the services of the metro.

#4 Time you can spend- Typically one can spend two to three hours exploring this museum. The fare charges for adult above 30 is 16 Canadian dollars, and 10 Dollars for adults between 18-30 years and 5 Canadian dollars for the little ones. 

#5 Famous Food to try- There are cute little cafes around this museum but if you are looking for something special visit iX Pour Bistro, the food, service and the ambiance here cannot be matched with any other, but make sure to have a reservation.  

#6 Bonus tip- If you are interested in history and want to explore the whole area start your trip early by almost 11:00 am so that you can wander around and visit all the exhibitions inside this museum.

  1. Montreal City

The largest city of the province of Quebec, Canada, is the second-most populous city in Quebec. Honored as the 12th most liveable city in the world, this city is filled with art, architecture, museums, gardens and historic sites. So without further delay let’s see the best places to visit here. 

#1 Fun Activities to do– 

Up to Mount Royal, 764 foot tall, this mountain located in the urban Montreal city is the perfect spot for a picnic and a perfect weekend. Beautiful meadows, forest trails, manmade monuments, and a breathtaking view. Near Mount Royal, you can visit the following places-

  • Visit Chalet Du Mont-Royal located in 1196, Camillien-Houde road, Montreal, it will be a great exercise for you. Also, the view from here is worth all the hike. Make sure you check the weather for the day before you plan your visit.
  • Admire the Barbie Expo, located in Metro Peel, if you are here with your little ones who love barbie dolls this place is a must. Over 1000 dolls are presented in different designs in this museum and guess what? There is no admission fee!

Montreal Botanical Garden- There is no better place in Montreal than this garden if you are looking to spend some quality time with nature and loved ones. Suitable for everyone you can bring along your fluffy friends too. Spread along 75 hectares, this garden is a haven with more than 22000 types of flowers and trees. Chinese gardens, Japanese gardens, and Alpine gardens are some you should visit.

Montreal Food tour, this is one activity you cannot afford to miss, for the love of food! Montreal is all about food if nothing else. From its classic cuisine to some delicious desserts, you can have everything you wish for! 

Let us all admit, a trip or a vacation is not complete without some good shopping. So Visit St. Paul street where are plenty of shops, art galleries, gift stores, bars, and restaurants. Roaming around in St. Paul Street is a great way to spend your afternoon, as there will be less rush, and you can spend some good time shopping.

#2Best timings to visit- The best timings to visit the place and for most of the activities is during the summer season, that is from May to August, the weather is warm and there are tons of activities and festivals during this time.

#3 How to reach- To reach Montreal city you can take a flight directly or ride on your own.

#4 Leisure time you can spend- You should spend at least 2 nights in this wonderful city for an amazing experience and visit all the famous places.

#5 Must-try food and desserts- Classic Poutine and just add extra some bacon or frankfurters, trust me, you will love it! Try one in Nouveau Systeme. Smoked meat, while you are at it, do try this one from Lester’s Deli.

#6 Bonus tip- Though you might like to wander and explore on your own, taking a guided walking tour for Montreal will help you a lot in knowing about the city, and not only of what is it but what it was. Also, a food tour is a must.

To conclude, Quebec is one great city with great charm and beauty and if you are planning to visit this state, visiting all the famous places in Quebec City and Montreal City is a much better option then try and visit all other places located far away from one another.

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