Best Things to do in Newfoundland and Labrador

Thinking about where to travel to Canada? Wondering about a trip to explore Canada or which places to travel in Canada? Look no further! Newfoundland and Labrador is the best place to travel in Canada, situated in the eastern province of Canada, is a great place to explore Canada, with its vibrant and welcoming environment, and not to forget the friendly nature of the local people that will make your trip just more comfortable and enjoyable!

So let’s start with some of the best things you can do in Newfoundland and Labrador. In this blog, I will talk about all the popular traveling destinations, the best time for visiting Newfoundland and much more. So stay tuned for further updates.

#1 Best places to visit in Newfoundland and Labrador
#2 Best activities to do in the places
#3 How to get to that place
#4 Budgeting and time you can spend here
#5 Best season to enjoy
#6 Suitability
#7 Secret tips
#8 Surprise activities!

So without further delay, let’s begin with some of the most popular activities to do, the best places to visit, great things to do, best delicacies to taste and a trip would love to experience

  • #1 St. John 

What do you consider before visiting a new place? Beauty? Fun activities you can do? Warm climate? Friendly and welcoming people? Well, if this is what you are looking for, start your journey by visiting the oldest and largest city of Newfoundland, St. John city. Though 500 years old this city seems to grow only younger, known for its beauty and charm, it is a place you should visit.

#2 Best places to visit in St. John

  1. East Coast Trail

This place is a must for all the adventure seekers and nature lovers out there, if you are looking forward to something exciting or just want to spend some quality time with nature and wildlife, this is the place for you.

A long-distance footpath spread over 300 km, this coastal hiking experience is a walk towards the history and wilderness of North America. Every section of this trail has a different story to tell.

 What more? Well, you can opt for watching whales and sea birds, the ocean view is spectacular and don’t forget to carry a good camera, cause there is a splendid view of the ocean. 

 The ECTA Association has laid down some rules and regulation which needs to be followed along with instructions so that your trip is smooth going and enjoyable.

#3 How to get here– If you want to travel here directly from St. John airport you can for Metrobus route 14, Metrobus route 15 and 18 are also available from Spout path and sugarloaf path respectively. Taxi services and pick/drop facility is available all the time.

#4 Budget and time – The money you spend depends on the duration of your stay, there are 6 days and 10 days packages, a 10-day package will cost you around 2000 Canadian dollars to 2300 dollars including your stay, travel, and food. But if you are just looking for a short hike, there are no charges through a donation of $25 to preserve the trail is appreciated.

#5 Season- The best time to visit this trail is from May to October.

#6 Suitability– A pure hiking and camping site, it is recommended for teenagers and young adults.

#7 Secret tips– Carry a good camera, the view is worth capturing! If you want good connectivity throughout the trail, use Bell carrier service, it provides the best network service in Newfoundland. Also, the climate keeps on changing, so carry clothes accordingly.

  1. Cape Spear

A headlong located on Avalon Peninsular is the easternmost point of Canada and North America. 12 km from downtown St. John, this place offers something we miss a lot, natural simplistic beauty.

One can end its east coast trail here, or start its trail from this point, as it serves both as a tail start/end. 

You can watch icebergs, sea birds and the infamous fortifications from World War II. Or delve straight into the history of this place by taking a tour of the oldest surviving lighthouse of Canada, a national historic site.

How to get there– Bus-11 and Bus-3, are the bus transit routes which will take you to this place, Taxi and cab are always available, you can end your East coast trail here and then explore this place.

Budget and time- The daily fare to visit the lighthouse for adults is 3.90 Canadian dollars, 3.40 Canadian dollars for seniors and free for people below the age of 17. The visiting time for most of the fortifications is posted 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, you can spend three to four here and do all the activities like whale watching, exploring, visiting historic sites. 

Season- May 18th to October 13th is the best time to go as you can avail of all services during this period. 

Suitability- Suitable for everyone who loves exploring!

Tips- Make sure you visit the Heritage shop which is managed by the Historic Sites Association, they have a wide collection of local arts, crafts items, and some pretty souvenirs.

 The profit goes directly to the provision fund for developing cultural heritage sites in the nearby locations, so what are you waiting for? Shop for a good cause! 

There’s a 10-minute walk away to the Petty Harbour which is a beautiful getaway from the busy crowds, you can take a break, and relax in the calm fresh air here.

  1. Musical Street

     George Street is one of the most lively places to visit in St. John. Musicians and fans from all over come here to perform and enjoy. Pubs, restaurants, bars you name it and this place has it, for your perfect weekend night. This is the place for you if you love music, jazz, hip-hop, rock you are bound to find your taste in this place.  

How to get to this place– located in downtown St. John, all transport services are readily available.

Budget and time– The budget solely depends on your consumption of alcohol and dining expenses! Though if you visit this street during the festival you need to pay $15 as fare charges.

As for the timings, this place is most active in the late evenings that is after 10:00 pm in the night and is busy till 3:00 am.

Season– Always happy and lively, there is no particular season to visit but if you are looking to maximize your experience, August is the best month since George Street Festival happens during that time.

Suitability– Ideal for anyone who likes alcohol and music, this is a usual get away from the busy week. Not recommended for kids.

Tips- Visit during August and attend the George street festival, the ambiance is great. Also, do not have the street meat, it is usually not worth it. If you are looking for some lip-smacking delicacies go to Fratelli Famous Pizzeria.

Signal Hills

Brace yourself for the awestruck beauty of this place, signal hills located in St. John is yet another example of the rich history of Canada. Overlooking the city of St. John this place will take you back in time.

Activities to do here– Delve into history by taking a tour guide of the famous museums and forts. A self-guided tour is also available.

Experience the performance of Signal Hill Tattoo which is one of its kind, but this performance show is available only during summer months.

Hike to the Northeastern trail and find yourself in a colorful community called ‘Battery’.

Visit the Johnson Geo Centre and learn not only about the history but the future development of this place.

How to reach here– Take a cab or ‘The Trolley Line’ for convenient and inexpensive traveling.

Budget and time– No charges for visiting the place, other charges depend on activities you take up. Ideally one can spend two to three hours here. The visiting time is Sunday to Monday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Season- Summer months are the best months to visit.

Suitability- Everyone who loves history.

Tips– Carry a good camera and take a guided tour for exploring. 

#1(ii) Gros Morne National Park of Canada

Well, this place seems to handcrafted by Mother Nature herself, a UNESCO Heritage site, this place is something you will not find anywhere else. Hiking, climbing, boating, walking and exploring. This place is the ultimate hub for outdoor activities. To add a cherry on top, there is music, theatre, and art throughout the park.

Take a guided tour, Adventure day trips or Bon tours boat trips, for example, to maximize your experience.

How to get here– If you are traveling from St. John it is recommended you take up a direct flight though you can rent a car and drive too, the airline charges range from $250-$300 per head, one way whereas for rentals and drop facility it is $250 but it includes the total cost and not per head, so you can calculate it accordingly and manage your expense.

Budget and time –  The budget depends on your mode of travel and the type of tour you engage in, the average 3-star hotel costs around 130 dollars per night. You can easily spend five to six hours here. 

Season– Late May and Mid October is the best time to visit this place.

Suitability– For all types of travelers, be it solo, couple or group and all ages, this place is highly recommended.

Tip– Do take a Taste of Gros Morne tour, where you will experience some of the most delicious delicacies ever, this tour includes outdoor activities, Boat tours, and water sports and is a must for everyone.

#1(iii) The Rooms

A trip to Newfoundland& Labrador demands you to visit The Rooms. One of the most popular places of Newfoundland& Labrador, this museum is a splendid exhibition of Art. Dedicated to the history and culture of Newfoundland, if you want to know about the culture of Newfoundland, this is the place for you. With a splendid Art gallery and beautiful overview and great food and amazing ambiance, there is little left to ask for.

How to get there– A 15-minute walk from St. John’s George street, you can also take a cab, which will take around 4 minutes to reach.

Budget and time– The public areas of the museum is free for visiting, though you need to pay $10 to visit the top floor for the overview and other areas. One can spend anywhere from one hour to four hours here depending on their interests. 

Season- August is usually a good time to visit since you can also attend the festival in St. George street. 

Suitability– For one and all!

Tip- Do visit the restaurant on the top floor, the experience will be worth your time.  

In conclusion, if you are looking forward to a great trip to Newfoundland &Labrador make sure you plan it for at least four days minimum so that you can enjoy and experience different places. As a bonus for you, for reaching till here, try out the Vinegar pie from Merchant Tavern in St. John and thank me later! Have a good journey!

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