Top 10 Places To Visit in Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world with so many options for travelers from the East Coast to the West Coast. In our following list of top 10 places to visit in Canada – we talk about some of the most loved travel destinations.

Banff National Park

‘The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched it can only be felt.’ Banff National park stands true in promising this kind of experience to you. With its picturesque scenic beauty and once in a lifetime experience with the wildlife, Banff national park has gained the reputation of the most visited park in Canada. With the glaciers colored in turquoise and breathtaking sceneries, this place will make sure you have enough pictures for your Instagram feed.

4 perfect reasons that will make you want to visit Banff national park in 2019!

  • Climatic conditions. The weather in Banff is pleasant all year round. While the weather from June to August welcomes all the lovers of nature with a warm and comforting climate, November to March suits all those seeking adventure as the cold climate is favorable for skiing and snow skating.
  • The beauty of the lakes, lake moraine and Lake Louise are the most popular tourist destinations in Banff national park and has all the right to be so! Ever imagined yourself sitting by the side of a lake, clean and calm with a puff of cool tender breeze taking away all your problems for a while? Well, these lakes offer you the exact thing!

What’s more? There’s a Lake Louise festival with a duration period of one month which celebrates the beauty of fall in Canada, not only you can enjoy discounted rates and prices but also Classes on photography, special dining, and much more fun activities.

Ice Magic is yet another festival celebrated in January for about 12 days with talented people participating in competitions like ice craving and One block speed, you can witness some of the most amazing pieces of art and let yourself in ice bars and castles.

Tip – If you want to have the best view of the lake go during early sunrise as the lake reflects mirror-like reflection and is splendid to view.

  • ‘All good things are wild and free’. This is exceptionally true in case of the wildlife present here. Not only you have a chance to encounter some of the rare extinct animals you can also find lots of Elk here. These huge magical beast are so beautiful to watch and admire. You can also find wolves, black bear, grizzly bear, mountain lions if you are lucky enough! moose and cougars. The best time to find most of the animals is either during early sunrise or late sunset.
  • Banff Hotel- Fairmount Spring, this place is a fairy tale, to say the least. With a golden history and excellent scenic view and service, this hotel has made its place to be one of the reasons to visit Banff itself. Located at an altitude of over 1400 meters above the sea level, it guarantees a view you cannot find anywhere else. Located at 405 spray avenue, this luxurious hotel provides you with a rich history and great history. You can also learn about the history of the place by asking the friendly staff on the front desk. They might also tell you some of the secrets of the place and provide you with the best timings to visit popular places. Though the cost per night of this hotel is relatively higher it is worth it for the experience.

Tip:- Stay during the fall season as there are comparatively less crowd and discounted rates. If you feel the expense is too heavy for your pocket, you can still for at least one night to gain the experience.

5 Fun activities you should not miss while in Banff national park

  • Up, up and up

When you are there in Banff national park you cannot boast of experiencing the best scenic view if you are not taking a Gondola ride up to the Sulphur mountain. What’s more important here is the actual journey of going up and feeling the thrill.

An eight minutes enduring journey, which will be the precious 8 minutes of your life you will want to treasure and keep. With the price range of around 11 dollars, you can expect a lot when you are at the top.

The ticket price not only includes your whole journey trip but also a theatre to animate your senses, restaurants for all those you want to experience dining at a height of 7,846 feet and a jaw-dropping 360 observation view worth of every penny you spend.

What else? Go from June 22 to September 8 and you can also witness one of its kind sunset festivals with the perfect ambiance, music, lots of foods and the best scenic view.

  • Some good sport

While you are already there, why not do some thrilling adventure activities and let the heart continue with this thumping and the veins pumping, making you feel all the more alive. Depending on the season you are visiting, you can go for Skiing in winters, Sunshine village is the best option for skiing as it has more than 2700 acres especially for skiing and the resorts will make you feel warm and comfortable. It is also particularly near to Banff and takes around 25 minutes to reach the destination.

Hiking is another option if you are visiting during the fall season not only you will be directly exposed to the glory of nature but it will also be an inexpensive experience as you do not need to pay a fee for hiking.

Rafting, another great sport that will keep your adrenaline in check. Kicking horse river will provide you the best rafting experience ever. With high rapids and over waterfalls this rafting is perfect for ones who seek adventure but there’s always an option for another category of people who want calm and peaceful rafting to enjoy the view. Months available for rafting facility in May and June.

  • Take a drive through the woods

This is no less than a piece of heaven for all the nature lovers out there. A long drive through the Banff national park is all one needs if looking for a break from the hectic schedule of life.

Take the Minnewaska loop and you can drive for 14.5 km while enjoying all the scenic views and wildlife.

Tip– Visit it during early sunrise as not only the view is iconic but there is less crowd and you can have a proper view of wildlife.

  • Experience the local life

Banff town, located on the southern side of the National park, this town has various opportunities to explore for you.

You can meet the localities and learn about the history and tradition of the place. There are many small shops where you can buy a good souvenir or a memento and gifts for your dear ones at a great price. Also, there are several restaurants where you can visit and spend quality leisure time.

Tip- Don’t forget to visit Wild Bill’s Saloon, one of the best bar cum restaurants in Banff town it will give you all the feelings of living in the countryside with the cowboy’s theme and antiques.

Tip2- If you are the one who loves pizzas and want to spend some great time with great food, head straight to the Bear St Tavern pub where you will some unique yet delicious flavors of pizzas.

  • Delve right into the history- Cave &Basin historic site

If you are the one who likes to get into a deeper understanding of everything and wants to know more than what just meets the eye this is the perfect spot for you. Cave & Basin historic site will not only tell you the history of the place but also make you experience it. You can see the hot water out of rocks and enjoy the view.

Take a guided tour for the place as they will make sure that you get to see all the famous places and will make your trip more enjoyable with lots of fun activities and presenting you with some less known facts about the place. One can also always for hiking and camping in this place.

The timing is an important factor of this place as it is open only from May 17 till October 14, from 9:30 am onwards till 5:00 in the evening.

  And let’s admit, one cannot call it trip complete without actually knowing anything about the history of the place. So don’t forget to check out this stunning place.

Vancouver, BC

  • One of the most touristed cities in Canada. Vancouver is a place that has ticked marked every expectation you have ever listed while planning a vacation. Be it the glorious city life or the peace and soulful nature, Vancouver has it all. There is an ample number of things one can do in Vancouver, BC.

Before starting with the things to do in Vancouver or the fun activities one can enjoy, let’s look at the best time to visit Vancouver and the duration of your stay.

The best time to visit Vancouver, BC is from April till October. These are the months which are warm and dry, the mild weather during these months will make you feel warm and comfortable and with no or less rain, one can be sure that their outing trip will not be canceled.

Why you should visit Vancouver and what all you can do in 3 days!

  • Heart of nature- Stanley park

Stanley Park is the ideal place to start your trip as to what better than a warm and delightful morning, chirping birds, small beavers, squirrels and dolphins around you and an English bay!

Plan 1- Go during the early morning as the beautiful sunrise is something you would not like to miss. One can go for a walk into the woods and admire the nature we tend to forget in our daily lives. You can meet small animals and some rare birds too. Meet the localities there, they are usually warm and welcoming and will be more than happy to share the history of the place with you.

Plan2- Well if you are someone who cannot compromise with its sleep, or just couldn’t reach the park in the morning, we have still got you covered. Go for biking and enjoy the view of the English bay. You can also take a guided tour around Stanley park where you can learn about the dark history of the place and go deeper than the eye meets. The tour guides are friendly and passionate and will make you enjoy the trip.

  • Want to feed bunnies? Jericho beach is the place for you

Just 24 minutes away from Stanley park this is the ideal place if you want to take a break and relax for the evening, especially if you had a long walk in the morning in Stanley Park.  There are many friendly bunnies out there on the beach and you can just feed them, as the localities usually feed them, they are not scared and won’t run away. There are fewer things better than making friends with cute, tiny bunnies.

To keep your hunger in check there are many restaurants and resorts near this beach. Don’t forget to check Galley Patio and gill just 0.3 km away from the beach, this restaurant has some amazing dishes with exotic taste and a great view. You might also visit the NSCS discovery café, as they provide the best restaurant service with fresh food and latte.

Tip- Try out the burgers in this restaurant, reviews have it, they are just amazing.

You can also stay in the nearby resorts for the day, most of them provide a great view and good service.

  • Day 2- Meet and greet with Sea lions and otters

Vancouver Aquarium is the perfect place to start your day. Get yourself a bus pass for 24-hour hop on and off and get to the aquarium in the morning to escape the crowd.

Irrespective of your liking for animals this place has something for everyone. With cute little sea otters, coming close to you, sea lions, jellyfish, fishes, there is no way you can get enough of them.

Over 50,000 animals living in this aquarium you will need to spend at least 4 hours here to appreciate the place and the cute little animals. But wait, this isn’t all! You can also attend an interactive session about your favorite animal and learn about them, and trust the reviews, these sessions are not at all boring.

If hanging out with some cool penguins is something you have been looking forward to, well don’t look further. You can meet penguins, come close to them and chill with them, they are surely the coolest dudes out there!

  • Shop till you drop

Now that you have visited the nature and the wildlife too, its time you come back to the urban life and shop some goodies for your loved ones. Robin Street is just an alternative name for shopping in Vancouver. With the best brands to some local handmade gifts, you can find everything here. Walkthrough the street and enjoy some delicious food while you shop. Considered as one of the main shopping sites, this place has got everything you are looking for.

If you have time, you may also visit Gastown as it is a lively place especially in the night with the best ambiance you will ever find restaurants and café. You can also take a tour guide and know the spooky details of the place.

  • Day 3- Fly high, from sea to sky

The third day of your trip will include everything, great view, delicious food and an experience you will not forget. Just take a 7-hour guide from the sea to sky and sit back and relax. The guide will make sure you have seen it all, be it the horseshoe bay, the Mine museum or the Shannon falls. The Gandola ride adds like a cheery on the top with a jaw-dropping the view and an elevation of around 2700 feet above sea level.

City of charm, Montreal

  • One of the largest cities in Canada. This city will not only make you fall in love with art and festivals but will also make sure you have a satisfied sweet tooth.
  • Irresistible English pubs and some amazing delicacies like Arctic char and fries dipped in cheese curds and gravy, this city has a lot to offer.
  • Be it early morning or late night, cafes in Montreal make sure you do not find any ambiance similar to theirs.
  • With more than 250 treaters and dance shows, this city is a live example of the fusion of culture and treaters. More than 85 festivals are celebrated here and there’s a high chance you might attend one, in whichever time you go. If possible, attend Jazz de Montreal the grandest international festival of the city.
  • Infrastructure and beauty, the city will take you back in time, with its splendid architecture. With  Jaw-dropping  Notre-Dame, and museums like McCord museum and the museum of Montreal you are bound to fall in love with art.
  • This city has more to offer than food and art, the PY1 is a huge pyramid that projects the most immersive events and shows. With more than 25 meter screens the projection and music will surely take you to another world.
  • Mount royal, the best park in Montreal spread over 693 acres offers not only exotic beauty of nature but some great outdoor activities like skiing combined obviously with great food.
  • Old streets, underground cities, and street fairs. This city is heaven for all the shoppers, with so many options and each providing an equally fascinating experience it is often hard to choose where to go.

Niagara Falls

  • Niagara falls in Ontario, a city, offers the best experience of what they are named after. With a  Skylon tower positioned at 520 feet high with an observation deck, it provides the best view of the waterfalls and the horseshoe falls.
  • It is evident that the city provides the best waterfall viewing experience as the name it all. And the best way to experience is to take a Poncho, hop on the boat and experience the best 60 minutes of your life.
  • Apart from the waterfalls, this city also boasts of some of the best Botanical garden and butterfly parks. Go to this garden, spread over 100 acres,  in a lazy afternoon and lose yourself in the beauty of nature.
  • Old forts and cave of the winds. A must-do when you visit the city it takes you down to 175 feet where you can closely see the waterfalls and walk around the wooden walkaways. Also known as the Hurricane deck, you surely do not want to miss this place.
  • Niagara Fallsview Casino. When the sun’s down your game begins, with more than 100 tables and lavish infrastructure, you get the best experience of the casino. What’s more? There is a shopping mall and a theater too, where you enjoy and spend some quality time with friends and family. Still not enough? Well, there is a spa to relax your body and mind, a golf course where you can flaunt your talent and some of the best dining cuisine experiences.


  • This city boasts of everything, parks, museums, galleries, skyscrapers and the famous CN Tower(one of the tallest buildings in the world). A dynamic metropolis that seems successful in making peace with nature with beautiful gardens and parks.
  • The CN tower is something one cannot miss while in Toronto. One of the tallest buildings features something more than the view. One can find the best shopping centers, gift centers and cafes in this building.
  • Wonderland, international street and the biggest theme park of Canada, you will find all these in Toronto. With the international street decorated and cute little candy shops, gift and flower stores, the park offers amazing water rides and many more rides to make your day filled with adventure.
  • The Toronto Zoo and the Ontario lake. The experience in Toronto zoo is something you will never experience anywhere else. With more than 700 acres dedicated solely to animal shows, this zoo has more than 5,000 animals making it one of the largest zoos in the world. They also feature different galleries dedicated to Indian, African, American and so on. Lake Ontario, on the other hand, is home to the most diversified and few extinct aquatic animals and birds.
  • Royal Ontario Museum, the most popular and prominent museum in Toronto. It offers more than 6 million exhibits, around 40 galleries and numerous hosting of international history. The stunning interiors and exteriors are also something worth looking for.
  • The most exciting and fascinating place in Toronto is Chinatown. Sparkling beautifully in the night it offers some amazing food experience and numerous shops and a splendid view. For those who love shopping and merrymaking, this could be the sole reason for their visit.

Victoria, BC

  • This picturesque city with beautiful streets and harbor will make sure your Instagram handle is happy and full of feed.
  • This city visit is all you need when looking out for an escape option from your daily hectic schedule. Calm, pleasant and peaceful are the three words that describe the city. Relatively small, as compared to other cities but this city makes sure you spend a relaxing time here.
  • Float homes with best dining options. Victoria offers some great experience in the fisherman’s wharf. With cute and colorful houses, you can munch on some best Mexican food or feast with ice cream.
  • It also has an Inner Harbour where you can view the splendid creation of impressive buildings and take a walk to soak in the sun and relax/
  • Cafes and pubs. With small cafes all, this city will make sure you are not hungry while wandering and your taste buds are satisfied.
  • Goldstream and Beacon Hill park, these parks offer some great experience and exposure to the sun. They also have fun activities to do and has you can only spot some rare and extinct animals and birds out there.


  • Quebec, with mild weather conditions and narrow streets, will make you feel at home with its warm and pleasant ambiance.
  • This colorful and vibrant city has a lot to offer, from whale watching to delving in some of the most historic museums, one will never feel out of place in this city.
  • A 2 day trip in this city will be perfect to engage in all the activities and experience major attractions this city has got to offer. One can take a 2-hour walking tour of the city with guides which will help you in providing historic knowledge of the city and also giving some great recommendations for local food and experience.
  • Whale watching is another activity which can be taken up in this city, it will take half of your day, but will make sure you have a great time and watching the whales. Located at St. Lawrence Marine park, you will find 13 species of whales in these salty waters. And the list includes Blue whales, the largest living mammals on earth!
  • Aquarium of Quebec. If you are still longing to see some more mammals you can always go for the aquarium of Quebec. A unique combination of indoor and outdoor aquatic mammals, and with an underground tunnel this aquarium will keep you hooked for hours.
  • This city has more than just aquatic mammals and whales to showcase, it has a splendid scenic view and the glamourous cruise trip will make sure you witness it! A 2-hour cruise trip with engaging guides is the perfect way to spend your evening. One can also enjoy amazing delicacies with great service and view on this cruise.


  • Capital of Canada, this city boasts of great architecture, museums and the National Gallery of Canada. Winter is the best season to visit this place as it offers the best skating experience and other fun activities. The Rideau Canal Skate way is the world’s most famous ice skating rink and has been awarded by Guinness World of Records, as the largest natural frozen rink. The ice skating experience is so unique and massive it can be the sole reason for your visit.
  • Ottawa with its ByWard market provides the best place to experience the local life. With the main building as the major shopping center, there are plenty of colorful and vibrant open-air stalls surrounding the building. One can buy anything from fresh vegetables to small gifts in this famous market of Ottawa. There are also numerous restaurants in the area to keep your stomach happy.
  • Spooky details of the city. The history of Ottawa is not everything merry and happy, and there are dark secrets that are buried in the history of this city. A haunted walking tour in the city of Ottawa is all you need to learn about the fascinating and dark history of the place. The experience becomes more engaging and exciting when the guides will be cloaked in black and hold lanterns to give you the right feel. Open throughout the year, the best time to go for a tour like this is no other than Halloween.
  • Relax on the beach, Ottawa offers two beaches where you can spend a relaxing weekend. One in Petrie island is a beach where you would like to go again and again to escape city life. These beaches are not very crowded and are a perfect place for spending some quality time with family and escaping the mainstream tourist attractions for a while. These beaches are available for a visit from 17th May till 31st August.
  • You can merge yourself into the city’s culture by celebrating some unique and great festivals. Festivals in Canada are something not new, and there are plenty of festivals in Ottawa to visit all year round. If possible make sure to be in Ottawa on 1st July, as Canada Day is celebrated with great pomp in this city.


  • Calgary is the right place for you if you are looking out for some great winter sports. The host of the Canada Olympic Park this city has more activities than just skiing and hiking.
  • Calgary Zoo and the Prince’s Island Park are some of the top attractions of the place. While one can find more than 1400 species of animals in this famous zoo with adorable pandas munching on bamboo sticks, the Prince’s Island located near to the zoo is an ideal place for taking a small trip by yourself or playing some outdoor activity.
  • Well, who doesn’t like to live in the top and experience the breathtaking view? Calgary Tower brings this experience to you. With more than 1200 meters above the sea level it provides a view you will surely do not want to miss. The tower also provides some of the best cuisine options where you can fill your appetite with a splendid view of the city.
  • Heritage Park and Canada’s sports hall of fame are some other popular destinations to visit in this city. These places will not only provide aesthetic pleasure to your eyes but also will help you learn about the rich history of the place.


Halifax is an exciting place for all history enthusiasts as every corner of this city has a history behind it. It is the capital city of Nova Scotia and it is on the eastern coast of Canada. And you do not have to know about the history in the traditional boring way, you can always learn it with some beer. Alexander Keith’s tour is a fun activity where you can have a tour of the place with some great beer. There is also an arrangement for the little ones, as they can have iced tea or lemonade to get a similar experience.

  • You do not have to be a great foodie to dine and enjoy the food at King of Donair. The food is so good and so popular, it is difficult for one to resist the temptations of it. The restaurant too has a history to tell, which is for you to find!
  • Halifax’s public garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Canada. With a beautiful and colorful plant and trees, one can spend a lot of time here embracing nature. This garden is no less than a fairy tale when it comes to beauty and the cleanliness of the place. A popular destination for engagement shoots and proposals and with more than 140 varieties of trees, this park is a must-visit.
  • Food, drinks and shopping locations, Halifax has got it covered. While one can enjoy a great shopping experience in the Spring Garden road, drinking at an outdoor Patio beside the harbor is never a bad idea and while you do so head straight to Halifax Seaport farmer’s market where you can everything from freshly squeezed juice to gorgeous flowers and plants.

Tip: While you are there on the east coast, don’t forget to munch on some great lobsters, as not only are they very popular but reviews have it, they serve some of the unique and tastiest recipes you ever had!

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