Best Things To Do in Vancouver

Vancouver, situated in Western Canada, is the best place to start with, as one can get the experience of both worlds in this city. Be it the city life or a peaceful trip to understand nature, Vancouver is one destination which provides you all. In our guide for the best things to do in Vancouver, we will explore some of the most popular activities one can do while they are in Vancouver.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”.

Albert Einstein

The moderate and mild climatic conditions make this place more comfortable for the tourists. With mild summers and temperatures rarely below freezing point in winters, one can enjoy every season in this city. So now let’s dive in and find the top things to do in Vancouver.

  1. A walk towards nature- Stanley Park

Fresh grass, chirpy birds, Majestic trees, Pacific Dolphins and an English Bay. If this is how you want to start your morning on the first day of your trip there is no better option than Stanley Park. Not only it provides you with aesthetic pleasure but with its refreshing air and cool weather, this park has got to be in your bucket list. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver and is one of the things to see while you are in Vancouver, Canada.  

Top 4 things to do when you are in Stanley Park

  • One can always go for leisure cycling along the sideways while enjoying the view of the English Bay by renting out cycles which is easily available. It will not only help your mind to attain peace but also help your body feel refreshed and healthy.
  • The other best way to have fun and enjoy the serenity of the place is to go for a walk in the woods and explore the 27 km forest trails. And who knows you might find an Exotic animal or bird there. You can also meet the local residents there and talk to them and learn about the history of the place. Localities there are usually warm and welcoming in nature. It will allow you to broaden your perspective about the world and give a better understanding of the place. 
  • You can always stop by at the Teahouse in Stanley Park for some great brunch. With amazing service and great quality food, you will be bound to visit this place again. A Chicken Caesar salad and seafood is a must-have in this restaurant. 
  • Peaked Pies is another restaurant you can visit if you are in the right mood to have pies. This restaurant is acclaimed for making the best pies. Besides providing a comforting ambiance it is also pocket-friendly. Early mornings or evenings are the best time to visit this place and according to activities you take up one can spend ½ a day here.
  1. Science world

You do not have to be a science geek to have fun in Vancouver Science museum. With life-changing experiences and jaw-dropping live shows, this museum will not only make you travel through time but will leave you spellbound. Indulging and interactive, designed especially for little ones it promises you won’t mind spending some dollars here. Located at Science World at TELUS World of museums, it will take up to 6-7 minutes from Downtown. Ideal for little ones they can learn while they play.

 The 1 thing you do not want to miss while in Science World

  • Indulge in watching OMNIMAX films which are the largest screen in the whole world! With the right sound system and a five-story screen display, this is just another world experience. Be sure to book your tickets before leaving to avoid the crowd and be aware of its closed on Mondays. 

Late evenings and night shows are the best recommended. One can spend 3-4 hours without getting bored for a minute.

  1. Shopping Spree- Robson and Alberni Street

It is difficult to take a trip to Vancouver and resist the temptations of shopping. Vancouver is the most ethical diversified city and has 40% of its population from immigrants, which makes shopping here more fun. 

One of the best things to do in Vancouver Canada is to shop in Robson street and Alberni street. From high-end luxurious brands to traditional goods, everything can be found in this place.

 It boasts of international brands like Zara and Gucci while they also have local inexpensive goods. Whether you are looking for fashion or home décor, be it for gifting, personal use or as a token for memory, you can get everything here under one roof irrespective of the season.

 This has got to be on the top list for shopping as it can cater to all your needs while you can also enjoy some lip-smacking food from local restaurants. Depending on interests and the budget constraints one can shop all day long but afternoon time is ideal for shopping here.

  1. Grouse Mountain hiking

5 Fun activities you can do while in Grouse Mountains in 1 day

It’s time to fly high and make some incredible memories! Grouse mountain ranks in the top 10 destinations for tourists, with year-round services, this resort has ample of fun activities to keep you engaged and thrilled. 

#1 Riding over the clouds

 As it is rightly said, “ It takes seconds to create best experiences”. Here you need 480 seconds of your life to reach a height of 1250 m above the city and surrender yourself to the scenic view of the charming city. Yes, Sky riding is one such activity will which literally take you to the top! 

#2 Lifetime experiences

 Paragliding, skiing, night skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding. These are just a few examples of what awaits you in the top of this mountain. 

Depending on the season, you can combine activities of your choice and create your whole new unique experience. While skiing, snowboarding and skating is something you can enjoy during winters. Disc golf, paragliding, Chairlift rides, and family entertainment programs are something one can enjoy during spring or fall. 

#3 Eye of the Wind- Don’t miss the unmissable

One of the best stuff to in Vancouver is to visit the unmissable ‘Eye of the Wind’, it is the only working air turbine in the world with an elevator. With 360 observation pod, one can view jaw-dropping view of the city and the mountains and the greenery beyond it. You can also take pictures which will surely serve you for a lifetime. 

#4 Wildlife and beyond

This mountain also provides a deeper insight into the wildlife. With shows and fun programs, you can not meet the wildlife in a secure environment but also learn about them. 

#5 Best Dining experience

While dining is something very casual, have you ever imagine how it may feel to dine at the top of a mountain? Well, now you not only get the best food and dining services but also a view which is hard to beat. Secured in the top of the mountain there is an ample number of cafes and restaurants which provide the best dining experience ever. With a cool breeze and pleasurable scenic view, it’s a whole new feeling to dine with the clouds.

  1. Gastown and its history

One cannot call its trip to Vancouver complete without visiting Gastown. There is no particular touristy place to visit in Gastown as the whole place is a delight for Gastown. 

Be it just a coffee in a café in Gastown it will give you the best taste and experience and this is because of the ambiance of this place. And yet there is so much one can do here. 

Places you will regret if you do not visit in Gastown

Visit the Steam Clock glass, Gassy Jack or the Cacao 70 dippery, Flat Iron building the list is never-ending.

 If you are interested in knowing the history of this wonderful place take a walking guide and just escape into a whole new realm of this world. With engaging guides, you will not only learn about the historical truth but also the deep dark secrets of this place. At least one whole day is required to visit all the popular places and enjoy great food!


In conclusion, Vancouver is a one-stop destination for all your needs. Be it a solo trip or with a family, Vancouver has ample of tourist destinations which can be enjoyed by everyone. If you want to make the most out of your trip visit it during May as the weather is pleasant. Also, the duration of your ideal trip should at least be for 4 nights and 5 days, if you want to enjoy to your fullest.

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